September 2017

It’s September and I’ve got a couple of things to discuss: 1. What photo is deemed photo worthy? 2. Why suffer if you can enjoy it? 

“It’s interesting what is considered photo worthy, especially in terms of being posted online.” This was a comment under a recent door post of mine and even though the commentator didn’t mean anything by it, I’m sure, least of all to offend, it surely made me giggle inside: Well, my blog is certainly not the best to try to answer this question. I post what I damn well please and don’t need to consult any blogging gods or paying public (luckily!).

In other news, yes, it’s September, and this means it’s time for this time last year in photos, some of which have been waiting a year to be deemed photo worthy: just a field or two, only a port, simply a chair, a fountain, food, birds, sunset and me. On, and a cat! And this is just one half of them.

Which brings me to point two: Why did I suffer so much every time I had to narrow down an entire month of photos to mere twelve for most of my previous Calendar 2017 posts? (Even though in the last couple of months I came to my senses yet and posted my regular 20.) Twelve is too few! With this I revoke this silly, self-set rule and proclaim twenty photos a post a new golden standard. Phew!

When watching these please bear in mind that last spring and summer we had a terrible drought and that this year it’s much greener.

39 thoughts on “September 2017

  1. Hi – I love your spunk and your spunk and as picture number 6 says – “never doubt yourslef” and you know M-cubed –
    I first encountered you with Stacie’s After Before challenge – do you recall doing that a few times. And I remember when you came and left a comment about not enjoying it (something like that) and I recall respecting your calm confidence and nice opinion. Some folks don’t give opinions – they just exit – and it was refreshing.
    I have not followed you regularly since that time – well sort of I have – but it seems we have a connection through doors photos via Norm’s challenge.

    anyhow – 20 does seem like a great number – I think anymore than 30 would be too much – but 20 seems a good number and I was able to enjoy each one.
    a top one for me from this post is number four – for the colors (fence – shutters, etc,) and textures – (stones – tiles) it grabbed me both times i went through the pics

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    1. Thank you, Prior. I’m glad you had nice memories of how we met. I don’t recall Stacie and her challenge but to be remembered as having “calm confidence and nice opinion” is all one can wish for. 🙂

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  2. I’m with Joanne. That was an odd comment to make. People are sometimes rude, and sometimes thoughtless, and sometimes don’t write what they intended. Sigh.You do you, that’s why I come here.
    And that kitten, AWWWWW! ❤

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  3. Hahah your captions made me laugh. And the thought of your amore talking to the furnace, fondly 😉 All photos are very worthy of their online existence, especially the kitty and fountain, and at this point I think we’ve all surpassed any self-criticism of what is online worthy… how funny to say such a thing, when there are 30 gazillion duck-face selfies posted online with a toilet seat in the background!!!!!!

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  4. Your photos are always worthy. I have been posting 20 photos with blog posts for a long time. Someone commented about the large number of doors, so I’ve been trying to cut back. I’ve gone as low as 15 photos. Not sure I can go lower 😉

    I really like the cat.

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  5. Your images are always worthy! I love scrolling though your posts I find beauty, and interesting stuff in every image. That green door with the lovely plants framing it sings to me this time. 💚. I liked that image of the wall with the quote on top of it too. Great quote!

    I giggled thinking about Amore talking to his new pellet stove. I can relate I’m talking to my new kitchen appliance. 😜

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      1. NO doubt! Those of us who talk to our machines like wood stoves, pellet stoves, cars, ovens, microwaves…we’re a strange lot, but we know our machines understand us.
        My wood insert, stove, oven, toaster oven cars, and all else machinery related knows and understands me. Amore knows he’ll get a lot more warmth from that stove talking to it than not. Machines…we purchase them by their personalities and how well we’ll get along with them. You didn’t see that at the store or online when he was figuring out which one to purchase? Non?
        There’s a lesson there. I go with my heart and gut when purchasing cars and appliances, but He-Man…not so much. It’s all analytical with him. Stats, reviews, charts.

        Thankfully, my gut, and the reviews, charts, and tests have all proved outstanding with my picks or I’d have been without my choices these last 36 years.

        After all this time naming our cars, and trucks, and picking the appliances he doesn’t get the connection I have and rolls his eyes when I talk to them all. I get Amore. It’s a talent some of us have.

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        1. He might admit I have been right about the cars, trucks, and appliances we’ve purchased since we met, and married, but I think he might not be so generous with other things we’ve purchased and needed along our journey.
          Listen when it comes to electronics, and how the cars and machines work and a repair person is needed I SUCK! I need He-Man which is why I picked him for a mate. I saw his talent and knew he was the one for me! He doesn’t see it that way…after nearly a half century…seriously? Maybe after 40 years he will cause I’m thinkin… I may not have 50 or 60 years as a couple. No drama here…just lookin at my life, health, family history…this man better wake up and see I have got it right with the machines a lot of the time!

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    1. Frankly, Fabrizio, I had to ask amore to confirm if these were indeed olive trees before posting. They seemed too orderly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Italians had them in such order for the visuals alone. 😉

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