Thursday Doors, 13/9/18: Norm mix I.

Today a special door selection from my first blog, of doors that caught the eye of our Thursday Doorman. 

“The day I set foot in Rome and start exploring for doors… well I don’t know if I’ll ever leave the place.” This was the comment of our door grandmaster Norm on my first blog soon after I started taking part in Thursday Doors campaign some three years ago.

I post this as a warning for his family and friends in case it comes true, since he is on his way. 😉

In his absence I’ll help hosting Thursday Doors (and a couple of Canadians) and might just as well keep posting his favourites to remind him what all to look for around here. After all, we’ve got some truly magnificent ones.

Most of the doors are from Rome and our home town Capalbio, but there are also some from Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. All within reach. If any microlocation is required, do not hesitate to ask. More coming up in the next weeks.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

35 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 13/9/18: Norm mix I.

  1. Gorgeous as usual. This really has me so looking forward to getting there. We’re still going through the suggestions in your last email but we’re making progress. The conclusion is: we’re going to have to stay otherwise we’ll never have time to see it all 😀
    Lots of loose ends to tie up before we depart. Will email you soon. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you, Norm. Hehe, agreed to the staying part. I stay here and the list only gets longer instead of shorter. Please, include the co-hosting details in your email, who is doing which week, and the how-to. (I know I did it once already but old brain forgets. :D)

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  2. Wonderful collection Manja! I love, love, love the green one at the last. That one was my favorite before too.

    You’re going to see Norm! You’ll all have such a doorscursion and so much fun.

    You’re also a perfect sub for Norm while he’s away.

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. If I remember correctly, I gifted you this door in one of my door-gifting posts. 🙂 Oh yes, all the time will be one grand doorscursion! I’m pretty sure I’ll be just one of the co-hosts though.

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  3. Hurray for you! A visit from Norm, how fun. Cannot wait to see you two collaborate. And your photos are beautiful, especially the final one. Capturing a door and an italian landscape is pretty special!

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    1. I’m really glad to introduce her to you, RX. I live 15 minutes away from her Tarot Garden where there are many more such sculptures. The Justice sculpture has in inside part that moves. Really. Needs to be seen.

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