Lens-Artists PC: Call for action

I love it when a photo challenge falls into my lap just when I need it. 

Just as I was wondering what to do with these photos, so removed from the scenes that I usually capture, I see this call for action by the Lens-Artists initiative.

Last month I was in the centre of Ljubljana as a 3×3 street basketball tournament was taking place. I decided to have a Cockta (legendary Slovenian cola) and sit down.

The event included all sorts of activities, among them a wheelchair 3×3 game, in which a participant took what appeared to be a nasty fall. But he merely unbelted himself, stood up, straightened the chair and sat back down.

Before the main event, a local team Dunking Donuts, pardon, Devils prepared a little exhibition off the court. Your lazy photographer sat just where she was, zoomed in and without seeing a thing because it was all happening too quickly took the series of photos below. She was quite amazed at the results. She has not sold a single photograph before (thank you, Bojana, for asking) but if you know a Devil, they might be interested…

The Slovenian Philharmonic Hall provides the particular backdrop. On the last two photos, where a couple of bystanders tried it out for themselves, you can see the old Faculty of Law, now the main building of the University of Ljubljana with the countdown to its 100th anniversary. And you can also see why they were able to jump so high…

And now take it away, Dunking Devils!

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti of pilotfishblog.com: Action

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Call for action

  1. You’re right – these are a perfect fit! Very fun photos – the yellows add even a little more springiness to the high-flying guys, and I always love to see that beautiful university building! Every time I was in that area during my two Ljubljana visits, something was going on – a concert, a little street fair, an extreme sports expo, etc.

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        1. Hihih, I’m running away from the over-active, withdrawn, masochistic, envious, negative people. Italy of course is arrogant, egotistical, capitalistic, frivolous and down-putting. So there’s that… Norway? I need to go there to know. 😀

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        2. Hmm, Norwegians stand in quite a strong contrast to the Southern people, so you may like them at first 😉 I wonder how you would describe them 😉
          But come on, there must be something positive about Slovenians too ;))

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  2. Another stunning choice for black and white vs. color. Great effect on that one.
    Dunking Devils would go over very well where I live. It’s all about basketball.

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