Thursday Doors, 30/8/18: Lokev & Co.

A bunch of almost forgotten one-year-old door photos plead to be seen by you all, so I said yes.

As I was going through my August 2017 folders for yesterday’s colourful Lens-Artists photo challenge, I found a multitude of doors that haven’t yet seen the light on this blog after one year. And since this is a sin, let me make it up to them today.

Today’s doors are from two trips I made with my parents and friends last year in the vicinity of Slovenian coast. First we went up to the Socerb Castle from where we enjoyed the view of Trieste (that I will show another time), passed Črni Kal with its leaning church tower, and finished at Osp which is a famous climbing centre (AS IF any of us does that).

Two days later we went to Lokev in the Karst region, famous for its prosciutto, caves, wine and Lipizzaner horses. (Yes, yes, some of that we do most gladly.) After lunch the local priest opened the church for us and then the curator of the “Fabiani” Museum Shop across the street invited us in and showed us his painstakingly collected wares. Here is my last year’s post from this shop.

This summer I’ve seen plenty again and taken innumerable door photos and I can only hope that in one year time not many will cry in their folders begging to be let out on Thursdays and play. If any of these seem familiar, they might have sneaked in on another day.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

34 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 30/8/18: Lokev & Co.

  1. I found dog #1 fairly easily, but dog #2 made me work for it!

    You always find the loveliest areas … or it could simply be that you are surrounded by great beauty and you never have to look far ❤️

    Although I really like the feature photo with the clouds hanging in the sky, my favourite photo is the first one with your dad climbing the stone steps with his ‘borrowed grandchild’. I love the composition, I love the scene, I love the implied camaraderie. I can’t believe you let this beautiful photo languish in a folder for a whole year before sharing it!!

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    1. Oh, Joanne, thank you so much! ❤ True, there is so much beauty everywhere I look.

      And then I take so many photos. I often look at them and think: I wonder what anybody else would think of them and do about them. I'm sure it is possible. The good thing is that they will never go bad (if electronics survive). 🙂

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  2. Wow Manja, what a wealth of doors. Love the one you took from the inside with a view to the outside. And your first capture is so painterly!

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  3. Withholding doors from us for over a year?! This is indeed a sin 😦
    Mind you, if it’s your worst sin then you’re pretty much on track for Sainthood 😀
    As usual some gorgeous shots but for my money the first three are tough to beat.

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    1. Thank you, Norm. 🙂 I often wonder what somebody else would think going through my archives. My bet is they would post completely different stuff. 😀 In any case, one never knows what I may find next…

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    1. Ohh, Emma, I’m afraid that for the horses you’ll have to visit Slovenia yourself. Or at least wait until I get some horse-loving visitors to go to Lipica together. I haven’t been yet to any show and stables there. Well, not just for the horses, you can come in any case!

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    1. That was last year, Marina. Right now it’s raining a lot, the autumn is here. When I return to Italy, I’ll still catch some of the summer.

      Do you understand the name? It’s “At Vovk’s”. Vovk is the surname but it sounds like “volk” which means wolf.

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      1. Oh, autumn? How come? Even Oslo is sunny and late summer-ly, I still cannot believe my eyes. The news right now tell that it has been record summer of dryness. So little rain this year.
        Yes, I understand the name! “vovk” is the same in ukrainian. Slavic connection, yeeeeah!!

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  4. “One of the church buildings” is definitely my favorite here.
    I saw the gate on the steps and admired the interesting symmetrical accents until I realized they are, in fact, oversized bullets, so nope, I’m not a fan either.

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    1. Thank you, Janet. 🙂 I don’t have a single photo of them yet since I haven’t been yet to a show. I don’t think many people realise they stem from a tiny Slovenian town of Lipica, hence the name.

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