CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 4

Since I’ve taken part in all three previous weeks of this challenge, here is week 4 as well. I shall stick to only one of Cee’s components, namely reflection.

Here is Cee’s original photo for week 4 of her Fun Foto Challenge, upon which we were to base our post:

Photo: Cee

I have decided to go through my last year’s August photos and choose twenty reflections, since it’s my habit to look back every month. Just like this year’s I spent August 2017 in Slovenia as well and let Italians invade my home beach in Tuscany in the meantime all they wish.

Which, if you think about it, is the best thing about the way I live: “A moving target is harder to hit,” as Michael Dransfield said in his poem.

Some photos have been posted yet but several haven’t. The reflections were most often captured in a window or a door but some are also from the sea, the floor, a mirror and the last one from my parents’ huge TV screen which I hijack every time I visit and watch films when I’m not roaming around.

The photos in the first part are all from the single feet-busting walk around Ljubljana, the capital. I chose to visit a doctor only now, one year later, and he stuck a needle in my foot the first time he saw me. Another visit soon and probably more needles.

The second part consists of photos from Piran and a couple of trips in its vicinity.

Any way you look at it, this is truly an excellent country, people.



27 thoughts on “CFFC: Components of a Photo, week 4

  1. Love this series MMM. Especially the first rear view mirror and the antique mirror. There’s something so intriguing about reflections.

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  2. I love so many of these. The sunset on the Citroen maybe the best, or it may be tied with “I must go now.” The subsequent sunset shots on glass: so nice. I believe “doorfie” needs to make it’s way into the media world and common vernacular.

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    1. Thank you, Crystal. I always love putting together such compilations. Doorfie is not my invention. I’m not sure who the originator was but I’ve heard the term among the Thursday Doors gang. 🙂 Vernacular is a new word for me. I’m on it. Thanks.

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  3. WOW! Those reflections are priceless! Love them all, but especially the water and the one with the couple. Needles, anti-inflammatory injections, or acupuncture?

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    1. Thank you, Joey! The needle was used to insert medicine. I don’t know much more about it. I just know that since then the pain has moved to the right and so I suppose I’ll need another dose. It’s not exactly plantar fasciitis but some kind of calcification or ossification. Another visit due this week.


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