Thursday Doors, 16/8/18: Velenje

This is the day for which I owe an apology for my severe lack of preparedness to amore, my two patient friends and almost all the kind people of Velenje who helped me search for a wrongly memorised address. Still, all’s well that ends well, as you will see. 

It can happen to everyone, I hear you say, but it’s unheard of that despite two (or three?) visits in previous five years, one still searches for the friend’s apartment in a town of 25,000 people for 2.5 hours, unsuccessfully, after both phones end up inoperable and the address is memorised in such a way that only the first letter of the street name and the first digit of the street number are correct.

I’m afraid I’ve caught a case of Italian mentality.

After much kindness from locals who insisted that there was no block of flats at the address I kept repeating until we found a little house that seemingly grew in its place since we were last there, we had to admit defeat, go to the nearest petrol station, charge my phone at least a little, get free wi-fi (thank you, Petrol!) and cry to my friend to come and pick us up. Which he did. Thank you, Jože!

After that all was just swell: the lunch at the restaurant by one of its three lakes, the stroll across the Pippi Longstocking territory where they stage the annual Pippi Festival, drinks by the lake at Velenjska plaža, Velenje Beach, which is a best practice example with free parking, sunbeds, umbrellas and (not free) camping.

The only thing that raised my eyebrows was the information that some time ago this lake was practically dead since dodgy material from the near-by Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant had accumulated there for a while. Now we are witness to a symbiosis of several life forms and it’s good this way.

It was not over yet: after the visit to the imposing Castle with many lovely doors (we will return here on a following Thursday) we had some gelato and a red-star-spotting walk among the monuments that brought back good memories. But more on that another time.

Now I invite you to the doors and the beach in Velenje, an industrial town in north-eastern Slovenia, which – as I see only now – is the fifth largest in the country (ADD-IT: Or is it sixth?). It’s time I stopped calling it “town”. Small wonder I couldn’t find Alenka. 😉

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

30 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 16/8/18: Velenje

  1. Glad you finally got in contact with your friend. How frustrating that must have been, but as Lignum says, at least it turned out well (and I agree with him about the couple.) Great to read that the lake is slowing making a recovery, though, and I love the yellow house with the bright blue door and window frames.


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    1. Thank you, Dan! Great times were head after all the confusion earlier. Did you see a kilo of wings for 10 eur? How does it compare? I know someone with conversation tools on his blog if you need it. 😉

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  2. That appears to be what we call a Bean Tree. One in the entrance to my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll get a pic sometime? Not sure what they’re good for other than shade ?? lol

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  3. We’ve done the mixed up address confused search thing before too: very stressful.
    I like that very first blue door on the yellow house – a very Swedish colour scheme.
    As someone else mentioned that couple needed to get a room.
    And I’ve never past a free library that I didn’t fall in love with and this one was no exception.
    Excellent post!

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    1. Thank you, Norm. It turned into a good day after all. We opened the book door and studied the books in there but I didn’t have a book with me to make an exchange (or find any that I would love so much to pounce).

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  4. Very familiar to me – addresses where it’s just a little of, and send you on a journey. Now that’s a clever way to put it: more symbiosis:) I would like to try that grapefruit Radler!
    Just to keep you up to date – I am now for good at the Jesh Studio! Have a great weekend, Manja!

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  5. I love mini libraries like the one you included at the end of your post! Take one, leave one honor system I’ve seen in many. The Pippi house reminds me of the small box of Crayola crayons, the one with the primary colors! Looks like you had a fun explore once you found one another.

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    1. Thank you, Denny! Oh yes, we had a great time and it’s truly lovely there. Wait until you see the castle above the city! I’ll feature its doors in a post to come (the main door is about 500 years old).

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    1. Ohh, Joey, thank you so much. ❤ You marvel, some envy, I get various responses here in Slovenia. I must add what you may suspect: it's not all rosy all the time. I'm certainly doing my best and this hopping around is just what I need after months more or less alone.

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