Pic and a Word #149: Epic Maribor

I had several internal giggles observing this summer’s advertising campaign of Slovenian second city. Took some guts to pitch it and win.

So for this week’s Pic and a Word challenge I choose glimpses of it from two locations, with an explanation in a sort of poem.

Epic Maribor occupation 

You need to know something about me.
I’m a child from a mixed marriage.

The mix is not of races or politics.
Rather it’s a Slovenian equivalent
to having one parent from Madrid
and the other from Barcelona.

We do exist.

For the record:
father is from Maribor,
mother from Ljubljana.

And so when I enter my city of origin
and see a billboard commercial for the other one
it’s kind of epic (no photo of it though).
Imagine seeing a huge NAPOLI sign
as you enter Rome.
It wouldn’t last one night.

the second largest Slovenian city,
persists, insists in
advertising its world’s oldest vine
not only in the capital, Ljubljana,
but also on the coast
where many other excellent vines thrive.

There was some uproar
but maybe it’s the colour scheme
or the fact that the sign is so high up
that helps it continue unmarked.

And now not only
will Maribor be stuck in minds
of all foreign tourists who come to Piran,
you will remember it too.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #149: Epic

25 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #149: Epic Maribor

  1. ahaha, I loved the comparison. Ok, Madrid and Barcelona I get (living with it daily, haha), but Rome – Napoli, really? I can see it in Napoli though, have friends from there, fierce patriots, haha.
    I loved the blue palette of all these photos. And I have learnt a new place to visit, so whatever they say… :)))

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    1. Right, Marina, mission accomplished. 😉 Thanks! Yes, I’d say rivalry between Rome and Naples is quite fierce. Even though Rome is divided in itself yet among those who cheer for “Roma” and those who cheer for “Lazio”. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Piran is a tiny town with no prominent football club. Maribor is on the other side of the country. Many Maribor-born people, such as my dad, find themselves living in Piran with time. No issues here, I suppose. But to me this ad is funny in Piran because it’s like saying never mind the sea and all wonderful wines of the coastal regions, come all the way to Maribor instead, we’ve got the oldest vine. 😀 Aha now I’ve realised: there is a wine rivalry between Maribor and the coastal regions and that one is fierce.

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  2. I absolutely love the color of that blue sign! Especially alongside all the sea and sky blue. I guess I’m used to big cities advertising themselves in other (perhaps rival) big cities, but I can see how that prominent sign in Piran would be a little different.

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    1. Thank you, Lexi. 🙂 It makes sense though. I think Piran (and Bled, along with Ljubljana) get the most visitors. No harm if they learn the name of another city. They’ve got Drava river in Maribor, Pohorje hills and plenty of wine-growing regions around.

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    1. Thanks, Jan! Neither in Italy as much. I love sea food pizza though. I guess this restaurant simply combines anything a typical guest might order. Good question about the vine. It is 400 years old or so. I guess none older has stepped up and claimed the title. 😉 It is included in the Guinness Book of Records though.


  3. Well Piran looks lovely 🙂 And I remember your post about the very old vine – which is actually fascinating when you think of all the times it’s lived through, outlived human lives! 🙂 Ljubljana looks lovely in your posts too. Let’s call it a tie.

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