Thursday Doors, 19/7/18: Ljubljana Bežigrad

Let me invite you to another memory photo walk where the point is more on entrances as part of architecture and doors are more or less accessories. But there are other signs that life is good there.

My sister and friend took me on this walk soon after arriving in the capital of Slovenia, my city of origin. Apart from doors and assorted architecture you will see two primary schools, some anti-dog commercials and two notices that really brightened my day.

This walk around Bežigrad towards the northern part of Ljubljana called Ježica, where my mother used to play basketball, includes residential neighbourhood Bratovševa ploščad where I often visited friends. It was nice to be back. We also passed Danila Kumar Primary School, which was our rival school and I was glad to see it covered in happy colours and drawings. But then I just had to visit my own school too.

For the next two Thursdays Norm is on strike (pardon, holiday) so there will be no Thursday Doors on here either. See you again sooner or later.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

And here is the song and clip from Happiness on a Leash (Sreča na vrvici, English title: Hang on Doggy. Finnish title: Onko koiralle kotia?). Ahhh… as if it were a million years ago. (Actually, last year it celebrated its 40th birthday. Just like my sister.)

20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 19/7/18: Ljubljana Bežigrad

  1. My favourite is #251 with the double round windows. If there is going to be a rounded architectural feature, it will strike a chord with me 🙂
    However the photo with the hydrangea exploding in flowers made me envious. I am again having another summer of flowerless hydrangeas. I think I’m going to have to show your photo to my plants and read the riot act to these non-performers 🤨

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    1. Hihi, Joanne, that’s a great idea. Nothing like some good overseas peer pressure. 😀 What kind of climate do you have there? Could it be called continental? We have it in Ljubljana and they are always very happy. Thank you!


      1. The problem with our weather is that it runs to extremes – very cold in winter (we saw -30C temperatures this year before the wind chill) and very hot in summer (so far this year we’ve seen 38C before the humidity is factored in).
        I think the hydrangeas are having trouble surviving our winter. We don’t get the snow cover that other areas get to protect the plants from the harsh cold 😕

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  2. What a sweet-looking film and that scene with a dog on each balcony makes me laugh. So I guess you’ve always been a “dog person” then? 🙂 Nice dog theme in this post, too! “Onko koiralle kotia?” means “Is there a home for the dog?” Maybe I should try to look the film up in the local library 😉
    Btw, how was it to walk past your primary school? Did it look smaller than you remembered? (Or have you been there many times as a grown-up?)
    And also: neighborhood farms?! Really? Wow! Sounds amazing… 😋

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    1. Oh yes, SMSW, always! I love all my relatives’ dogs and wanted one so much and only got one (or better three) by accident when I was 30. I would be really surprised if you can this film anywhere in Finland. 😉 But I included this title just for you.
      The school is very close, 5 minutes from my parents’ house, so I pass it often.
      I have never visited any of these farms yet… but it’s great to know. Thank you!

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