Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cool cooling

For the second week of the new Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Leya is asking for something to cool us. As long as our friends in the southern hemisphere won’t get too cold. 😉

First a quotation that made my mind reel.

The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
Jessica Hische

I guess what I will be doing for the rest of my life is just that, procrastinate.

And so, one year after I’d promised Dan I’d do it, here is one hour from July last year which I spent with amore and two brother friends by the Savica waterfall near Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. Last summer was much more brutal than this year’s, at least around here even though I know that in Sweden this year is bad, and some cooling was exactly what we needed.

But first we had to walk a little, as you can see in the photo story.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya, Week 2: Cooling

26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cool cooling

    1. Ahh, thank you, SMSW. I’ve been thinking of this comment of yours since seeing it earlier in the day. I do, don’t I? 😉 And I’m glad I do. In my today’s Thursday Doors post I found a wallet on the floor, or is it a bag? Weird! I hope that you are happy and that your city is recuperating well.

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      1. You didn’t check what was inside? 😉 I wouldn’t either. I’m behind on blogging/blog-following, today we re-organized the flat (babyproofing) and there’s still soooooo much more to do. 🤪
        And I’m glad you always find bestias, too 😊

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        1. Oh, SMSW, I didn’t see it until I was ready to post the photo!! I had to look twice to make sure I’m not imagining it. No worries, I’m behind everything too, yesterday we celebrated sister’s birthday. I’m still sore from pingpong playing. Yesterday we had an orange alarm for storms but there were just a few drops. It’s raining now though, heavily. I’m glad you’re baby-proofed now. 😀 Oh, there is a line in Finnish in my Thursday Doors post too, just for you. It’s a movie title, actually. See if it rings a bell.

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  1. It does look cool, and beautiful there! You crack me up! Had me laughing over that beast above the waterfall, and your comment about Amore.

    I’d like to visit the coast of that brown no named country. I hear it’s drop dead gorgeous there too.

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  2. What a wonderful outing! Love the waterfall, sorry they locked it behind a gate. That beast art was unexpected, and quite cute! ^_^ And oh, the ceiling!

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    1. Thank you, Joey. 🙂 That gate is unobtrusive, I made it look this way since I was happy to find a door of some sorts in this place as well, and wanted to show it. I guess it’s safer this way. It was a great day indeed.

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