Silentish Sunday

Well, I cheat. It’s not all that silent. We’re much too close to Croatia for that. 😉

A few hours before Croatia wins the world title in soccer (but of course!), here are just five photos from 400-ish I took yesterday.

First I went to the Festival of Garlic and Wine in Nova vas with one parent and then I witnessed the descent of the princess from the church tower in Piran with another. Gotta love Slovenia!

But, as these two guys say, who love Croatia and Samoa, their two countries, and sing a lovely Croatian song with the title that translates as Not everything is about money, this weekend we will be one big family.

18 thoughts on “Silentish Sunday

  1. So happy colors of this post! And oh, that view over the town of Padna and the sky… such a magic moment! and the landscape reminds me of Istria, my Croatian love.
    Yes, tonight I am Croatian too. Slavic connection :)))

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    1. Thank you, Marina! This is still Istria, only the Slovenian part of it. 🙂 No wonder the colours are the same. This is about 1h15 min from Rovinj by car and just a few km from Croatia. Which reminds me, how did you get to Rovinj? Flew in to Zagreb or Trieste or something else? Yesterday we needed almost an hour for just a few km before the Slovenian-Croatian border due to standstill traffic. If you flew to Trieste you had to take the same road… Did you?

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      1. Oh, does it bear the same name over there too? Now I know why I feel love looking at that photo :))
        I flew to Pula, directly with Norwegian. And then we had pre-ordered transfer. Just 45 minutes to Rovinj, very easy. We do it every year.
        Yeah, I have heard that the whole Germany is driving that way now, so the streets are packed. I heard it 2 weeks ago, but it seems still the case. Or are those locals driving to see the game in Croatia? :))

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        1. Hahha, no no, it’s more or less only foreigners going down the Croatian coast on holidays. In August Italians will be added to this crowd. What bliss.

          Istria is the name of the peninsula. Most of it is in Croatia but a small part of it in the north is Slovenian.

          Oh, right, Pula, didn’t think of it. I didn’t know it had so much international traffic. That’s convenient indeed. (Has any Romanian told you yet what Pula means in their language? I won’t tell you… You need to find one and ask. :D)

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        2. Croatia is really that popular, wow!

          Ah, of course, that explains it all. Istria is super nice and I want to see more of it. As well as more of Croatia.
          Airport in Pula is small one, but it has Norwegian flights)) mm, it is not so easy to find Romanians so fast, except for gypsies. But in Norwegian word Pula has also funny associations 😉

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  2. I think you’ve inadvertently given me a message I needed to hear this morning – ‘not everything is about money’. Sometimes I need to be reminded that it’s ok to simply bliss-out in the moment and not rush from activity to activity. Being a Type A is hard 😉

    I’m not a soccer fan, but good luck 🙂

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    1. Ahh, I love it when I get a message just in time. This one is timeless though. Thank you, Joanne, for listening!

      As for soccer, it’s no longer just sport, it’s a phenomenon.

      Happy blissing out! It sounds like we all need more of that.

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    1. Thank you, Jan! It was a good day. We tried quite a number of things but I’m not one to remember recipes. There was a Masterchef Slovenian contender cooking on the spot and she rolled prawns in the dust of their own shells before frying them. 😮 I found this slightly perverse. Fried garlic was left in the pan unused as Italians do it. My heart always breaks a little.


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