Pic and a Word #147: Organic

Every time I return to this garden that my parents tend in Piran, Slovenia, where their surprising second home has grown, I wonder what we have done to deserve it. 

The Garden of Eden and Druga*

Permaculture, they call it.
It’s been explained as live and let grow,
with a bit of help.

A visitor gave their garden this label
and they were quick to agree,
to recognise it as truth.

I was let grown in exactly the same way.
Permissively, permanently, cultured
in an organic way.

The opposite is inorganic
or maybe a contrabass.
To organ or not to organ.

As it happens, since yesterday
somewhere beneath all these
thriving beautiful organisms

there is a dead

Live and let die.

*Wordplay. In Slovenian, “eden” means one man and “druga” means another woman.

But it really is a paradise here. With some paradajzi (=tomatoes) thrown in and other produce. I took these photos in the last couple of days, while the last one was snapped with my phone (!) just as I sat down to write the poem. Welcome to the garden!

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #147: Organic

28 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #147: Organic

    1. Thank you, J.D. 🙂 I feel so too. It’s always this way. Love begets love, or something. 😉 (I’ll tell you here since I can’t tell you on your blog that I’ve been enjoying browsing it and reading your heart-felt posts immensely, and have shared them left and right. You’ve gone through plenty. I wish life finds you well, now and always. And I’ve added your book on my wish-to-read list.)


    1. Thanks, Dan. Hungry not but I’m very tired right now as well. It was a long eventful day at the garlic and wine holiday and then Piran Princess came down from the church tower on a wire. Gotta love Slovenia! 😀

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  1. Beautiful poem and beautiful photos. I look at my meager garden and sigh. Also, what a wonderful way to be raised, organically. Your parents did well by you. And bestia… he too fits beautifully and organically in the garden.

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  2. It is a sanctuary. I love this garden. I also like the idea that you are each contributing your own part, so that it is a combined effort – a group creation. Somehow it must feel like your family is around you, even when you are alone in the garden. I am sad that you can’t eat raw tomatoes. I will eat the extras for you.

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