Happy birthday, dedek!

Today I paid a visit to about one half of my ancestors. They are conveniently gathered at the Žale Cemetery in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a good day for it since today celebrates the man who took care of my grandmother so well that he became my grandfather. He died twenty years ago.

Recently I saw this meme. It’s in my language but see the translation below.


– Grandma, tell me, how to choose the right man?
– You know, I had a lot of suitors who spoke of love but only one asked me: “Have you eaten today? Do you have a warm coat for the winter?” This one became your grandfather.

The result of the love of thousands, that’s what we are. ❤

26 thoughts on “Happy birthday, dedek!

  1. Wow!! How wonderful that your ancestors are all in one place. You did a beautiful job here; I can see how close your family is. It makes me happy to see other close families. I used to take my parents to the cemetery, too. PS When people see my mom and dad’s wedding photo, they say my dad looks like Leonardo di Caprio!

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    1. Hihi, thank you, Carol! Have you posted their wedding photo on your blog yet? We used to go to the cemetery all together on November 1st, which is The Day of the Dead in Slovenia as well, it’s a tradition. But now I’m never in Slovenia then since I’ve moved to Italy. So we went now. The other half of my ancestors on my father’s side is a bit more scattered.


  2. Ha ha ha! I would have torn out the ivy and left the foxglove!! Looks like a lovely visit, and with your family too – father popping out of the hedge like a garden gnome. It’s nice to see their smiles.

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  3. I adore that wise saying from the ‘not my grandma’ at the beginning. And your own grandma was quite a beautiful lady. I lost my grandmothers in 1979 and 1980 respectively. They were also beautiful ladies and huge influences in my life. I am blessed to have had them around as long as I did. I will never stop missing them. Your father cracked me up with his scary leap from the bushes.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. Indeed we never forget our grandmothers if we are lucky enough to know them. My father says that he always comes to the grave this way but that this year it’s overgrown! First mom and I froze in fear but then we laughed. 🙂

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