Thursday Doors, 28/6/18: Rome

Today, a collection of Roman doors without much ado or words.

I’ve been driving almost for seven hours today, the last part on the curvy road up in the Slovenian hills in an attempt to circumvent a road block. The air was fresh. I’m almost sleeping sitting and typing.

But it was fine and I’m safely in my parents’ house. And the concert, oh the concert, was more than fine too. ❤

The photos, other than the first two, are from around Piazza Farnese towards Campo de’ Fiori where we will continue the next time. Spot the world’s prettiest police station.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 28/6/18: Rome

    1. Thank you, Joanne! I know that you know a thing or two about detours. 😀 But at least I had a car! Also, it’s cold up here, and the sky is every colour but blue. I might have packed a bit too light.


  1. Our police dept could definitely take notes on that one!! I’ll be photographing our ‘new’ one if they ever complete it. It hasn’t met my approval as of yet.THey’ll need to do a lot to win me over. lol

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  2. They are all beautiful of course but that very first one with the umbrella hanging off the handle is my fave. The design of the panels is almost upside-down, usually the longer panel will be on the bottom and the shorter panel on top. It keep drawing me back because of this.
    Great shots as always 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Norm. This is why I love these doors of ours so much. I would never single out this shot for the door design alone or post it without the Roma bag. 🙂 I’m so glad that we are able to appreciate different things in the door photos that we share. I’m happy that you like it but I had a close look at it again to see what you have noticed. Well done!

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  3. Beautiful. Rome never disappoints, hm? I’ll take the police doors, grazie.
    Ah, breathing some fresh air 🙂 (Not gonna do much of that here, it’s too hot.)
    Enjoy your time with your parents! ❤

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    1. Indeed, Joey, never! When I came over here, I realised that I packed too light. Sometimes I forget that I live in a completely different climate now. Damn socks in the summer!! But it’s great to be here. Even though I’m already four teeth down. :p Had to be done…

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      1. Oh bless. I hope you’re healing well? At least you have the comfort of Mom 🙂
        I’m sorry you are packed too light, but damn, I’m jealous too! xo

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