Thursday Doors, 21/6/18: Marrakesh

Since my travelling uncleberry is coming over right now, here is another batch of his door photos from his recent visit to Morocco.

Today we visit Marrakesh with him to admire its architecture, not merely doors. I’m quite in awe! The arches are omnipresent so the theme chosen for the train station is not surprising. And don’t miss the peculiar reflection above the entrance of the Italian restaurant…

Photo: MK

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

47 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 21/6/18: Marrakesh

  1. Nice doors cheers. I need to go back to Morocco and look at the architecture closer. I had a Moroccan vegetable stew made with couscous that was one of the best meals I have never had, that was what stuck with me the most about Morocco.

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      1. I’m all done now and I had a great day yesterday with Norm. The best part is always the food and drink that follows 🙂
        Even better is that Norm is interested in doing it again in August when I return for another section of trail!

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  2. This is Jesh, posting my my other blog this week:)
    The door in your header is amazing, Manja – and the clock so artsy. Can’t help but wonder how they put the glass insets in the frame of the door -precision work and maybe precarious too. Also love the entrance with the two fountains on the side – pretty and dainty looking! Me thinks Aziz deserves a mural. Am glad someone did the work.

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    1. Thank you, Junieper. 🙂 I like your detailed viewing. The entrance with the two fountains was my uncle’s hotel! He just told me so. So stylish! And I was glad to discover Aziz was nobody famous but a real person making the city stand firm and look good.


  3. The shot from inside the train station, looking out, is quite mesmerising! It’s good that McDonalds keeps with the arches theme 😉
    Clearly your uncle has continued his good track record of excellent photos here! But it seems like the elbow woman from the first post didn’t make the cut this time…

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  4. I love the keyhole arched door, and the train station is grand!

    I also really, really like the pale orange, and blue color scheme with the tile as accents.

    A McDonald’s in Marrakesh! That’s amazing I wouldn’t have expected it there at all.

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  5. Those are amazing! It’s funny that when I saw your post over at “what we blog about” it was the door thing that completely drew me in! There really are some beautiful doors out there!


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