Favourite WPC posts, blog 2/2

Weekly Photo Challenge may be over but not on my blog. Here is another part of my WPC retrospective.

As I’m waiting for my travelling uncle to come and take me to Slovenia for the summer, I’ve been enjoying a look back at my previous blogs. I’ve shared and showed so much in these last four years! No wonder I keep filling up my blogs so fast.

So here are again 20 photos with links to relevant posts in captions.

The first group shows my favourite compilation posts that are in danger of extinction, unless I find another challenge that will throw a word at me regularly. I found one yet but it’s called Pic and a Word challenge, not 20 Pics and 200 words. 😀

The first photo is of Talamone, one of my favourite ten small mid-Italian towns (if you asked me now I’d be forced to add at least Massa Marittima to this group) which I’ve chosen to show for the Road taken challenge. The next three photos are from my first ever trip to Rome and Tuscany in 2012 where I discovered Costa Concordia on its hip (posted for Against all odds), an outdoor office with a bird for my collection of boats posted on the theme Relax (both from the Giglio island), and a different view of the Tiber bank in Rome from Atop.

Then we move to Slovenia. The next two photos show one shade of Slovenia-green with our first dog ready to jump into Koseze pond (and he did) for the It IS easy to be green! theme, followed by one of several Good matches: bamboo and the familiar skyscraper roofs from my ex street in Ljubljana Bežigrad.

A trip to “Slovenian Tuscany”, Goriška Brda, provided next two photos: a shadowy play from Šmartno for Shadow, and a surprising Name to be found in rural Slovenia, the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru in Dobrovo.

The last three photos depict my variety of Solitude from our beach, an example of Repurposing – filling up empty space above the stairs with bookshelves, and finally, what I’m feeling right now, Anticipation for Slovenia, illustrated by the favourite čevapčiči joint in Ljubljana, Das ist Walter.

The second group is a collection of posts with photos from a single occasion.

The first photo of full moon and certain election results spurred a surprisingly politically engaged post (for me). The theme was Tiny, so you know. Every full moon I still think that what I describe indeed might and should happen.

After that you should have a doggie. The theme, unsurprisingly, was Magic. The post included more magical photos from the Tarot Garden, but the pup stole my heart.

The next two photos are green: the first one is from around here when we were asked to show It’s Not This Time of Year Without… (I hated this challenge but liked my solution) and a green piece of gorgeous Val d’Orcia for Earth.

Then there follow a retro path around Rome’s Monteverde, a surprisingly modern Civitavecchia, dense Piran images, some resilient (if confusing) Slovenian peaks, and to finish, a gloriously whirly and graceful staircase inside the Ljubljana Skyscraper.

And this just in: a highly and warmly anticipated Pearl Jam gig in Rome exactly one week from now is in jeopardy. Tonight’s second London concert has been cancelled. Ed has completely lost his voice. 😦 Just saw some footage from last night in London and he was suffering yet. First time in almost 30 years that they had to cancel for this reason. Let’s hope for the best.

11 thoughts on “Favourite WPC posts, blog 2/2

  1. Love the Every time this time of the year – photo!
    How come you dislike hamburger joints but your fave čevapčiči joint has a German name?? I’m learning new things about you! 🙂
    Not so many days left to Slovenia, eh? ciao ciao and cin cin!

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    1. Oh, this is a good story that I might have told yet but will again. “This is Walter” was the sentence by a German officer in the film Walter Defends Sarajevo. He is standing on the hill above the city and tells another officer during a long and unsuccessful search for a partisan called Walter (who is destroying Nazis, it’s World War II.): “Do you see this city? This is Walter.” Then it was a debut album by a Sarajevo band Zabranjeno pušenje. And now it’s a Bosnian restaurant chain in Slovenia (and Austria).

      Those were the times… Telling ya, we are again gonna join the Partisans to fight fascism.

      Liked by 1 person

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