Thursday Doors, 7/6/18: Morocco 1

My uncle went back to Morocco. I wonder why.

Was it for the colours, mentality, weather? Architecture? Could it be so that he could take plenty of door photos for me? Or was it for the elbow of the woman sitting in front of him on the bus?

More photos will come in time, he let me play with all of them, many doors too. All of the ones below were taken on the same day about a month ago, apparently from the bus. And the answer to the question above? My bet is on the elbow.

There were two posts on my previous blog with his photos from his first Morocco trip:

This time no location is given. I’ve kept the order in which they were taken. Thank you, uncle! Who knows if and when I get to experience it for myself.

Morocco on the fly-by. Harsh and soft. Masculine and feminine. Everyday and glorious. When you know you’re on another continent.

Photo: MK

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

47 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 7/6/18: Morocco 1

  1. Your uncle did a great job! Let him know 😉 I love how you attract the family to the door-searching business :))
    Oh, like you said, you feel that you are on another continent. I loved it, the colors, the people and scenes. So foreign – and in a way so near. That reminded me of Egypt, I’ve been there for 3 times. The same strange air of attractive and unknown. So much to explore!

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    1. Ohh, Marina, I hope he sees this, it will make him happy. 🙂 Thank you! He visited me here often enough to know exactly how attracted I am to doors and how I go about it. I have never been to Egypt or Africa at all. Must be quite an experience. Oh, and don’t miss the previous post with arches. There is one especially for you. 😉

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      1. If not, you tell him personally 😉 Oh, I dream about visiting Morocco. I have always had an ambition to travel through the Middle East, maybe, one day still. Without Syria, uff.
        I have discovered your hidden flag in arches! 🙂 Love it, hehe.

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  2. Enjoyed these photos a lot — and ried into a painting in my post – made me realize more about certain cultures and how they have less items surrounding their doors – no pots – no door mats – very streamlined and plain
    and I like the various teal/blue doors here the most

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  3. “Harsh and soft. Masculine and feminine. Everyday and glorious. When you know you’re on another continent.” This is how I picture Morocco, too. I have not been, and very much want to go, for all of these descriptors above!

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  4. Uncle took some very nice shots. It does all look very exotic and different from what I’m used to but I think it would be a fascinating place to visit.
    Among the last photos the rose distillery sent me off to investigate, and now I know how rose water is made. It’s funny because was telling Dan yesterday that thanks to Thursday Doors I learn something new each week 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Norm, in uncle’s name. I’m so glad you looked up the rose water distillery process! I thought of mentioning it but I have never seen it for myself and I have yet to speak to uncle about these photos, he simply copied all of them to an USB key and gave it to my dad to bring it to me. He is coming over though, and I expect more information about the doors that will come on a coming Thursday or two.

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  5. So close, but what a difference with where you live! What is taking place in the last photo? Thnking about your uncle not focused on doors, he caught quite a few:):)

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    1. Thanks, Jesh. 🙂 Difference is right! Well, I think that on his first visit to Morocco a couple of years ago he wasn’t focused on doors yet but in the meantime he saw how I do it and this time he was quite alert. I have many more of his Morocco doors to post. As for the last picture, I’ll ask him when he comes over in a week or two – if he knows at all.


  6. Your uncle did a good job taking all these photos from a bus (and with a distracting elbow in front of him!) Have you ever asked him if he wants to start his own blog for Thursday Doors? But I suppose he wouldn’t give you all his interesting photos then 😉
    These streets look very dry – I can almost feel the heat. An excellent collection of colourful doors though!

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    1. Hehe, thank you, Pistachios. I can suggest he starts a blog, he is coming on a visit soon. But something tells me he isn’t much interested in that. He prefers that I do it, I’m quite sure. 🙂

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  7. Hi Manja, dropping back in just in time to see your uncle’s door work. Must be some subliminal training going on here as he definitely has some of your door photo style (we may have to look closely to see if he placed his watermarks on door headers, thresholds, you). He will be glad to know that he got a lot of comments about his doors; next thing we might see is a blog by UMMM (sounds appetizing) 😉

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    1. Hehe, Gordon, thanks. You made me grin and miss my watermark! I stopped using it on this blog, it was just too much hassle and nobody noticed it other than you. 😉 There are many more of his Morocco doors to show. All in its sweet time.

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  8. I’ve never been to Morocco and from these photos it looks very exotic. The photo with the purple door and orange starburst in the middle is my favourite. There’s a undefined quality about it … in part caused by the bike kept in place by the crack in the road. There’s a sense of anticipation in the picture – perhaps it’s the ghost hand on the right 🙂

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    1. Hi, Joanne! I hope you’ve got some summer going! Yep, anticipation… might be. I’m glad that you’re picking on that ghost hand too . I asked uncle about it. He said that the owner of that hand kept nodding off and hitting her head against the window and waking up dazed not knowing where she was. 😀


    1. Oh yes, I agree, Cheryl, mysterious is a good word for it. I’ll post more of his photos, not just of doors, but there are heaps and I need to organise them. Waiting for him to come over next week so that he can add some insight. Thanks!


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