Books x7

Facebook can be all sorts of things. This week it made me put books up my tree.

I’ve just read Norm’s rant on the subject but my post had already been planned.

This week I’ve been posting covers of my favourite books on Facebook, since Charlotte, one of my friends there who is also a blogger, invited me to share my 7 favourite books in 7 days. I don’t like to nominate people, either here or there, but this time I did it.

Not that many of them – if anybody – continued this little game, but it was not about that. I simply liked connecting seven people with seven books in seven days. Coincidentally, only one of them (my father) and only one of the book’s authors were male.

For example, I connected my father with my mother’s book of poems for children, my novelist friend with her own book (with the photo of its Slovenian and Italian editions) and a friend in Africa with one of her favourite books, by a Slovenian who travelled the continent.

Here they are now again all together to make it easier for anybody who intends to get rich selling this info. Because no matter what we do or how low we lie, this very minute somebody is doing just that.

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