Favourite WPC posts, blog 1

The sudden sad news of WPC no more had me going through my first blog to select my favourite WPC photos and posts.

I could say that my blogging consists of two periods: pre- and post-WPC. Before I began posting for Weekly Photo Challenge – which happened almost exactly a year after starting my first blog – I had maybe five followers, two of that family.

After that things started to happen and now I’m on blog 3. I’ve been regular too: since April 10, 2015 and my first WPC post I have barely missed a handful.

Since I have more time than it’s good for me, I have gone through all the WPC posts on my first blog and selected 25 favourite posts. Here they are in three galleries with the link in the caption leading to the post in question.

In the first gallery there are my first ever WPC post on the theme Afloat, a favourite find on the road – river Fiora, a Ljubljana atrium from almost every angle, a mosque in Rijeka, Croatia that provided inspiration when I needed it the most, and a favourite photo from the Gianicolo hill in Rome on the subject of victory which is not when one side wins over the other but rather when there is no war.

The second gallery is a reminder of ten memorable occasions and locations which got a dedicated WPC post: the greens of Tuscany in the spring (twice), three Croatian towns on the Istria peninsula, a park of the monsters in Bomarzo, the seventh wave on our beach and my happy place – the passage that leads there, the blues of Castiglione della Pescaia, the magic of Siena, the time amore took me around Rome to buy books, and the time I took him to Trieste.

The third gallery includes my favourite category: ten compilation posts on fun subjects that WordPress regularly provided. When inspired, I sometimes add fun commentary. See if you remember any of these and if not, have a look, simply click on the caption.

There were a spying contest and fakeless faces, a collection of places to eat, another of various letters including one of bestia, and one of different kinds of gatherings, our oooops moments and various close oooops, advice to look where you’re going and examples of motion, and possibly my favourite WPC post on my first blog: Be careful or… (my mom will sing).

And since looking back was such fun, I’ve decided to do the same with my second and third blog, and post my favourites on two more weeks.

WPC might be ending but not on my blog. Thank you for providing so many of us an opportunity to share for so long.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: All-Time Favorites

48 thoughts on “Favourite WPC posts, blog 1

  1. Gorgeous gallery! So good idea to post on the old blogs as well. Many photos I had not seen before! I always think I should go back in time on reading blogs…but never do. A roundup is fun for us all – for you as well.

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  2. Some awesome choices indeed. Sandy shoes was my fave just because it’s such an original shot.
    With so many pics to choose from I know how hard it can be to narrow down the list.

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  3. Once I started following the Daily Post and decided to start doing those challenges, it came out the news they were going to shut down. How lucky I am 😂😂

    Great to see all these photos! I love your pictures, I hope that, as you said, you will not stop posting your own “challenges” 😊

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    1. Ahh, Sara! This is truly unfortunate. I hope something else emerges soon instead, another challenge of this scope.

      Thank you so much, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas, it’s the execution that suffers due to laziness. 😀 But it’s coming, bit by bit.

      Also, I wish to warn you that every comment of yours still leads to the blog theroverinleatherjacket which, it says, is no longer available. I know that you have a new name for it. I forget where exactly you fix this but I’m sure that you’ll manage.

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      1. Oh, thank you for telling me!! 🙏❤ I will look into it, I just thought it was going to change the address automatically, lol 😂 I guess I have to change it manually on the gravatar profile 🤔

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  4. Gorgeous Croatian scenes, Manja. WPC might be finishing but you could always submit your travel photos to my Monday Mystery Photo feature. The fortress shown above would be a perfect example.

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    1. Ohh, indeed I could do that, Amanda. Do you mean I could take part with this exact photo? If you wish, it’s all yours for the Monday Mystery Photo challenge. Do I need to send it to you by mail? I’m glad you like Croatian towns. Have you been there yet?


      1. You can pick any photo or photos, Manja. I picked the Croatian photo as an good example of a potential mystery photo. But you are very welcome to send in as many as you like. There should be some identifiable or distinctive characteristic to the photo, as opposed to a bare grassy field, which might be anywhere in the world. Buildings, mountains, unusual objects and things are all perfect choices. I once posted an enlarged photo of a big ball of cotton candy (we call it fairy floss!). You can email it to amandamac5(at)hotmail(dot)com
        Please add at least a sentence or two on the location, so that I can post the solution in the follow up post. Many thanks for contributing.

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        1. Oh, thank you for the email, I’ll send you a few sooner or later and you can choose the best one. I’m curious: how do you know which of the photos I posted is from Croatia? 🙂 Did you open all the links? When you said the fort, I assumed you mean Siena… There are two photos of Croatia in this post: the peculiar walls of the mosque in Rijeka (first gallery) and the valley under the clouds – photo 3 in the 2nd gallery. Which one did you mean?


        2. Oh gosh. I may have got it wrong. It was a photo of a high wall like fortress taken from an outside corner. (Ill have to go back and look). I followed your post. In the body of the text you sequentially named the locations of the photos, but I may have got it wrong. Sienna/Croatia..it is still ok for the Monday mystery challenge.


      2. Also, to answer your question. No, I have not been to Croatia. I came close but ended up visiting Poland instead. Perhaps I will visit Croatia one day. I would live to see it. Fingers crossed!!

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  5. Wonderfully eclectic collection of images. I suppose that was the nature of WPC, taking us all in different directions every week, exploring sides of ourselves and our images we might not otherwise have visited.

    I will miss its often multiple weekly inspirations.

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    1. Thank you so much, Patrick. I’m glad you came to have a look. I agree with you, WPC was a grand opportunity and community-building element. Oh, and I have saved the link to your challenge with the hopes to take part soon. 🙂


      1. <smile> You’re most welcome, Manja. Well worth the visit. I’ll try to check in more often. ❤

        Given what you post on your blog, it would be delightful to see your responses to Pic and a Word Challenge. =) ❤

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        1. 😮 Oh! I posted many photos from there on my first blog. Just in case he wants to see it again. 🙂 I’d ask him why they didn’t let Yugoslavia have Trieste instead of Italy (since it was “ours”) but that would be stretching it. 😉 (But waitaminute, he is not that old! Trieste was a free zone in ’47, I believe. :D)


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