Thursday Doors, 17/5/18: Saline di Tarquinia

Today is May 17th and the difference from yesterday is bigger than one would think. Yesterday I added a new year to my life and today I immediately hit the door jackpot.

With my visiting parents we went to a new location, an old salt-works town Saline di Tarquinia. It is not fully abandoned, some houses are restored and all wear a distinctive shiny coat of glory days long gone but not forgotten.

I was instantly in love with the town. That was even before I found not two, not three, not five but seven green doors, in a row, and a building from 1925 that looks like a lighthouse. The history of this place must be fascinating but I have no time for it now.

One of two inhabitants who seemed related and a bit forlorn stole my heart. And in the winter they have flamingos too.

Second part with an abandoned factory (which I didn’t enter) will follow one of the coming Thursdays.

I’ll be busy for a while longer but I’m never far. Enjoy your weekend.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 17/5/18: Saline di Tarquinia

  1. Well Happy Birthday my friend!
    At first I was wondering if that row of green doors was perhaps some older version of those self-storage warehouse-for-rent places 😉
    I also find it pretty cool that they put such a fancy-looking entrance and door on that round brick tower too.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend with family and friends as well.

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    1. Thank you, Norm. I have come to believe that Italians are stylish whether they want it or not. There is so much life in this town and also a fully other Italy: not nearly as well-off, or even pretending to be, as some other places. And then those glances from the locals as if to say: Are you lost? Are you sure you wish to be taking these photos? Why?

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  2. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! And what a great place you’ve discovered! The doors and buildings have so much character! All that surrounded by those beautiful “Italian Stone Pine Trees” we happen to have a lot of here in So Cal!

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    1. Thank you, Janet. 🙂 I’m very happy to share it with everybody. Rapunzel would fit right in. And wait till you see a Back to the Future clock one of the next Thursdays.


  3. It’s been birthdays for a week for me! Mine, Baby Girls today, and yours yesterday!

    I love the green doors, and the silo like building. That’s neat.

    Enjoy your time with your parents and Amore. See you on WP next week! xx

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  4. It would appear that you are suitably enjoying your birthday week! Excellent. Keep at it.

    Your line “all wear a distinctive shiny coat of glory days long gone but not forgotten” is a perfect caption for these photos. The one that really captured my attention was the one with the small table and 2 chairs under a tree. This simple scene spoke of an uncomplicated life. I could actually picture myself sitting there with the dog and cat in the shade on a warm summer evening sipping chilled wine. It reminded me of a tiny unpretentious restaurant – not much more than a hole in the wall – where we stopped in Calabria when I was looking for my dad’s family. It seriously didn’t look much more than this scene in the photo, but that memory is so perfectly ingrained in my mind! 💕

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  5. Still a happy birthday, Manja! Hope you felt in step with a doorsday:) Love the striped building, the roof and the frame of the door:) Lucky you to find a whole row of green doors! If that is a light house, you must be pretty close to the coast, eh?
    I was gone yesterday to the birthday party (Thurs.) of my fourth grand who announced on his 11th birthday he wanted to spend a week with us in summer, painting with me, wood working with his grand dad. He assured me he would not be bored (lol).
    Have a great weekend!

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      1. Thank you (about the grandson) It is an equally remarkable tower, whether it’s a light house, silo or water tower (I just can see you dad looking at it and shaking his head, lol – like how fathers do:)

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    1. Thank you, Fabrizio! No, I haven’t been there or heard of it. (Amore says Sicilia? Still waiting.) Here we’ve got flamingos too in the winter. You know you’re in the good place when it spells south if you ask the birds.

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