WPC: World in places

My life experience has taught me that if you think you belong somewhere, you might miss an exciting option.

There is a Slovenian proverb Povsod je lepo, doma je najlepše which translates as “Everywhere is beautiful, at home is best”.

Somewhere I saw it flipped and instantly preferred it: Povsod je doma, lepo je najlepše. “Everywhere is home, beautiful is best.”

No wonder that I prefer the amended English version of this proverb as well: “Home, sweet home grown.”

And so I’ve been growing a new home, country and language for five years now. Nothing personal, Slovenia. It just had to be done.

Below are photos from one week in May last year when my parents were last here to see me through my birthday. Since another one is coming up next week, they are just about to arrive again, and this is my welcome to them. We shall have a good one and it will be over in a flash like always.

As for the rooster in the featured photo: he barely let me enter our car on the return from Torri. As if he was saying “Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature,” together with the Israeli Eurovision Song Contest winner from last night.

I was hoping Italy wins so that next year I could go and see the show live in Rome but they came 5th. Even though the winning song is not my style, I’m glad for Netta because of her style, talent, guts and message.

Slovenia’s song Hvala, ne made the finals, which was great to see, and now a substantial number of (non)Europeans will know what to say when they visit Slovenia and are force-fed some instant “culture”. (=Thank you, no!)

And now glimpses from the last happy May visit. Thank you, parents, for bringing old home to my new one, proving that home is on the inside. All the rest is just geography.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Place in the World

38 thoughts on “WPC: World in places

  1. So many warm fuzzy feelings in this post! I did feel a bit dizzy looking down that well though! (I’m not good with heights) Glad it was just the batteries that went flat, and he didn’t drop the camera in! I would’ve been holding on really tight!

    I’ll wish you an early Happy Birthday 😄 in case I don’t get a chance before the actual day! Thank you for some memorable quotes too!

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    1. Thank you, Pistachios. 🙂 Cin cin on Wednesday! I love this well. The stairs that lead down and back up in a double helix are wide and comfortable to walk. Oh, I get dizzy from heights too and clutch at everything. But photos need to get taken… 🙂

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  2. Happy Almost-Birthday! Your parents look like such happy, cheerful sorts – just like you from what I can tell through the ether. I am falling more and more in love with Bestia every day. And I’m sorry I saw that well; I’m afraid it might be the stuff of nightmares!

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    1. Thank you, Lexi! Bestia is decidedly lovable, as are my parents. And I’m sorry you’re sorry about the well. To me it’s not scary at all but a historic foundation of the town and a fascinating photographic experience. Imagine it pink, for example, to take away the edge. 😀

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  3. Where there is love? In Manja’s images of Parent’s and Bestia!

    I love the all the images of your Mom and Dad, and that image of San Galgano Abbey. You always nail this technique with framing perfectly. Bowing to your skillage! xx

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    1. Ahh, Deborah, you’re so kind. ❤ Thank you! I'm glad that love is visible. As for framing, I'm afraid I only post those photos where this has more or less succeeded. 😀 And to clarify: San Galgano Abbey is in the valley below. This doorway belongs to the chapel on the hill above in which King Arthur's sword is stuck in stone (if you believe it). 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Markus. After posting I realised that the translation “best” is not the best. It should be “nicest” to make it even less sensible: Everywhere is home, beautiful is nicest. 😀


  4. Facebook lied! It told me your birthday was today! Then I think you must celebrate for the next week!! Party on 🙂

    Your place in the world is a lovely one and I love that version of the expression that says everywhere is home, beautiful is best 💕 I agree wholeheartedly!

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    1. Hihih, Joanne, Facebook didn’t lie. It is today! I said next week on Sunday and I meant this week. 😀 Thank you, celebrating all day long with my parents on a nice, if rainy trip. And more to come in the days to come.


  5. Happy belated, Manja! As usual your post is a gorgeously joyful well of strange and happy thoughts! I always smile when reading and thinking of you. And that well – is it really a well? Well, thank you for posting, and hope you had a glorious birthday ♥

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    1. Thank you, Leya. I had a most excellent birthday week with my parents here and they left today. I’m glad my posts make you smile. This is truly a well and in the past the water was brought to the surface by mules.


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