Thursday Doors, 10/5/18: Ljubljana Bežigrad

Going back to Bežigrad, the part of Ljubljana where I lived for 40+ years before Tuscany. 

How many times have I taken this same path to the bus station in all weather, past the four apartment buildings? With 10 floors, or were there 12? For fun we used to ride the lifts.

On my visit last August these reflections jumped out at me and have been hiding in my “Reflections” folder instead of in “Doors”.

In other news, my parents are coming over next week for my birthday, just in time to lure me out and away from my computer. My internet connection has sucked for the last few days so much that there’s no joy for me to be online. Instead I’m watching films offline, and especially Westworld, the series, which I recommend to all who are feeling existential dread. It could be worse.

We had two days of evening storms. The sound of thunder made bestia climb furniture. Since there was no internet, I turned on the TV, which I never do (except for the second Eurovision Song Contest semifinals tonight), with the goal of finding some noise to drown out the thunder.

A certain president came on and I struggled with the Italian translation (nuclear WHAT?), trying to establish whether this meant war, realising that this was just so typical of me sheltered here in rural Tuscany: Without the internet I could miss it all.

It worked though. Bestia calmed under the desk and I returned to the robots imagining that they rule the world.

As for the first photo: My first blog ran under the catchphrase: “Because words are pressing and words make worlds and that little sign there looks like a Volkswagen.”

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

34 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 10/5/18: Ljubljana Bežigrad

    1. Yes, yes, bestia’s was in April. 🙂 I’m just happy to have parents here, don’t need anything special. We’ll make our own dinner in. Do that, have a look at Westworld, quite crazy and mind-boggling.

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  1. I remember your first blog and that catch phrase. I guess we’ve been sailing along together for quite some time now (at least 3 years?!?). I am getting ready to embark on 45-days internet free. I do hope the humanity manages not to blow itself up while I am off line. Wishing you a happy birthday now as I think I will be setting sail on your day.

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    1. I’m glad you remember, Lisa. It’s been four years since I started that first one. Sailing together makes time fly. 🙂 Happy offline sailing! I think I could use some pretending to be sailing internet free too… I think you’re off a day before, on the 15th. I wish you much beauty and serenity. ❤

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    1. You mean here in Tuscany? In Ljubljana there is no beach, it’s an hour away from the sea. 🙂 But here the beach is just around the corner, 12 km long and sandy. The sand gets HOT in the summer, you cannot take even a couple of steps barefoot. Last year we had such a drought with such heat that it felt like a desert and the future of the world. Not a nice feeling.

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      1. Yep in Tuscany of course:) mmm, for a week it would be awesome 🙂 but here’s very warm for Sweden too :/ don’t know for how long tho haha
        12 km beach? Perfect for the morning run or 🧘‍♀️ yoga 😄🙌

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  2. The reflections are gorgeous!

    I binged watched season 1 of Westworld and niw eagerly wait for each new episode .
    It’s mind blowing at times.

    Hope you and your folks have a lovely Birthday visit, and you have a wonderful special day! Xx

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    1. Ohh, thank you, and you have one as well, Deborah! It’s today, isn’t it? 😉 Cheers and all good to you!

      Westworld is amazing in how it manages to make me think of it several times during my day. Talking about programming. 😀 It’s such a warning for the future and yet we’re rushing straight into it.

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  3. Nice reflection shots including an awesome doorfie – woohoo!
    I just spent a few days away with a crappy internet connection. It’s surprising how easy it was to unplug from world events and just be in the here and now. We should all do it more often.

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  4. When the internet goes, it’s really sad how out-of-sorts we become! I find there is only so much book reading I can do before I start to get really restless.

    I like all the photos of reflections, Manja. The second last one in particular looks almost perfect … like I’m looking through the door to the green space beyond it.

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