WPC: Unlikely life

My life is pretty much unlikely, all of it. All this was just my longer path to the station on a May day last year.

I have a habit of posting a calendar post every month with twelve pictures from the same month last year, as a sort of premonition of what we are up to.

May has started and so I went to have a look at my last year’s photo archives. I gathered more than twelve photos immediately and only then I noticed that they were all from the same day and that there were 22 more shooting days waiting to be looked through.

The calendar will have to wait.

Instead I give you May 2nd 2017. In the morning I started to walk the long way to the station only to have my batteries die on me after the 8th photo below. I was still pretty close to home so I went back, charged the batteries and restarted in the afternoon to reach the station just in time to meet amore’s train.

In Capalbio, Tuscany, Italy.

Pretty unlikely, all of this, if you asked me six years ago.

And here is another unlikely post from about a year ago on my previous blog detailing how I got here and more.

Only now I’ve realised the truth about that wine and Nutella by the road: somebody was trying to trap me. What else is there? A very young horse, very dry land (I can’t believe how yellow some parts were already! Last spring and summer we had a terrible drought), many, many flowers for some, and a train for others. Welcome!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Unlikely

28 thoughts on “WPC: Unlikely life

  1. That field of flowers is so dreamy! Oh my goodness, how beautiful!
    I did not know I could lure you in with wine and Nutella, I’ll keep that in mind! 😉

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  2. Sometimes I think we are all living unlikely lives, but then I remember I know many people who stay in the towns they were born and grew up in, or go into the careers their families always talked about for them, etc. Somehow I never end up being friends with all those “likely” people!

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    1. Indeed, Lexi. It’s just that some people tend to work proactively towards their goals and dreams, and to others Tuscany just happens. 😀 I keep having a feeling that if I realllllyyy wanted to come over here, I surely wouldn’t have.

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