Thursday Doors, 3/5/18: Door help

Lazy and doored out photographer appreciates all the door help she can get. Grazie, hvala, ja! 

Here are 8 Italian-Croatian doors, four from my father and four from my sister, since obviously they have been moving around more than me recently and are kindly on the door lookout.

If you have door photos and don’t wish to open a blog just to post them, I will gratefully accept your charity if the photos are at least as good as the ones below.

But I recommend even more that you post them on your own blog and connect with door lovers all over the world via our doorman Norm who keeps his doors sturdy, with a neat carpet and fire extinguisher, as you can see in the link below the gallery.

Thank you for your contributions, BM and Klu. ❤ Can you please go next to Cornwall and Toronto, Portugal and Malta and, and, and… Morocco!

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

60 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 3/5/18: Door help

  1. I’ve been having a tough time getting out for doorscursions lately so I know how you feel. It is wonderful to know that we have good supporters who are willing to not only scout doors for us, but actually take the pictures for us too! Bravo to your team of door hounds 😀

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      1. Oh, sorry the link would not open. The post is not gone, because I always comment from the post I am “at,” an I am now at the post May Studio Musings.

        It’s playing hide and seek! One week it works with wordpress, and not with Blogspot, and the next week it’s the other way around. Am technically not savvy enough to discover what I ‘m doing wrong -again, sorry.
        Did you try the link on Thurs. Doors?
        But otherwise comment at
        Will be back there coming Sunday, to do the photo challenge All Seasons.
        Have fun in the weekend!

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  2. These are great! Love that white shuttered door and the one of your mom with the door crumbling from inside. I also think they should put frames like that out all over the world!

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    1. Oh, thank you for the ‘magnificent’. 🙂 I don’t like nominating people and I never do that, but I like quotations. I might post all three in one post and one photo for each one. If you allow me this. 🙂

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  3. The first one – or what’s left of it – made me laugh out loud. Nice one! 😆

    … but the last 3 intrigue me. They look like they are very small – like mini doors? If they aren’t, how were the photos taken to get that perspective?

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    1. Thanks, Joanne. 😀 You should experience my mom in person, then you’d really laugh! The last three were taken by my sister who is quite a bit taller than me so I think it’s the change of perspective that is messing with you. 😉 I’ll ask her if they were indeed mini doors but I don’t have this feeling.

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