Day 26 & Thursday Doors, 26/4/18: Five-sense door

Today just one door, one poem and one song. 

This most glorious door was discovered and photographed by my sister in Bernardin on the Slovenian coast. She let me have it and post it and told me that she loved the house attached as well. Here you go, sis, all yours.

Challenge 26: “We’d like to challenge you to write a poem that includes images that engage all five senses.”


You gave me the door,
I return you the house.
Same time next year
it’s yours and I visit.

The door is the same, I see.
The way in must be around.
I’ll follow my senses.
No, the other way.

The passing impulse is
to touch the roots.
They are real,
just as I’ve thought.

The scent is next:
faraway spices, Asian feast.
Taste buds alert,
warming up for later.

Yellow dusts and brown mixtures
vegetables, sea fruits,
spaghetti of five treasures,
how Italians never do it.

The sound is the last to reach me.
Johnny Cash
doing his thing with the throat.
Either that or Vasja is here yet.


Photo: Klu

Paradise. /Raj.


47 thoughts on “Day 26 & Thursday Doors, 26/4/18: Five-sense door

  1. Oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gate so totally overun by a vine. I wonder how long it took to get like that.
    What a fascinating shot. Tip of the hat to your Sis 🙂

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  2. This is a wonderful photo. I had to check when you said “one door” to make sure I was on the right site, but now I understand. This one stands alone, in the company of some beautiful words. Nicely done!

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  3. Hello! I didn’t understand anything about the letter of the song, but what a funny video, I liked it as well as the music. I love the intricate roots intertwined with the door. Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you, Marianne! 🙂 Good to have you here. I had a look at the text (it’s in my language, Slovenian) especially for you and my favourite line expresses the wish that everybody should be free to play with whomever we wish. The chorus goes like this: “This is paradise, we move forward, not backward, this is paradise.” And I love the fact that the man in the audience (“the fan”) is her life partner (and not a member of the band at all).

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    1. Hihih, this time, SMSW! It seems you have some traumas connected to my music choices! 😀 I’m glad you like it though. I love the most that the funny man sitting in the audience in the video, “casting director”, is her life partner. 🙂

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      1. That was almost like Slovenian bossa nova, could listen to it all day. (Was it Slovenian?) But yes, sometimes your music choices are quite wild! 🤣(I’m not much of a music listener actually, I like silence! But one of the babies likes singing and dancing, already now at 10 months, so I’ve been playing some fast salsa which he likes!)

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    1. Thank you, Charlotte. 🙂 I love it too that she took the photo and let me have it. ❤ It's as good as if I was there. Now that I think of it, I sent my parents to the Burano island next to Venice this weekend with the same idea. 🙂 Oh, the colours there!!

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  4. Oh, I love the twist and turns of these gnarly branches, symbiotically with the fence:) It would be something for one of my watercolors (I’ll ask your permission, when I decide on it).
    Interesting task you had in making this poem – not easy!
    Sorry I didn’t get back to your last comment (I think it was about erasing telephone poles) – life happened – no bad things, but sudden busyness. Oh, and I tried to finish up my 3rd big painting, which had several revisions ( like 5 or 6 days in a row, lol).

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    1. Ohh, Jesh, you have my permission, to be sure, and I’m positive my sister won’t mind either. 🙂 No need to ask, just do it! 😉 And life is supposed to happen, never be sorry for that. Happy painting!


      1. You are so easy to get along with!! Thank you, but I do have to ask, since most are not as generous with their photos as you are – I might get used to it and then have a lawsuit on my hands (I know hard to imagine in Europe, but here, if one doesn’t like the way someone looks at you, they find a reason to drag you into court! (Can you tell? have a few lawyer friends with unbelievable stories).

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    1. Ahh, Joanne, really? I’m not getting any horror vibes from them. And horror movies make me scared so I’d be quick to feel it. It’s a fairy-tale scene, that’s for sure. Hint for spaghetti: cardamom. And shrimps. 🙂 Thanks!


  5. When you said in your poem “The way in must be around”, I was a bit confused, but seeing the photo, it makes perfect sense! It looks like something out of a children’s story. Maybe if you tickle the vines/roots (or whatever they are) in just the right place, they’ll magically recede and let you in 😉

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