Happy birthday, Taja!

Juhuuuu! It’s elephant time of year again since today is the birthday of my elephant-collecting friend.

I miss you and wish you could come here just by wishing.

First some images from our lovely summer picnic by your lake Mengeš (even many compatriots don’t know that it exists). Thank you for the lovely day and your present: the magic saucer.

And now a collection of elephants spotted in my travels. Whenever I see one, I must take a photo. This way you’re with me all the time. Also, they are never real since I don’t go to zoos or to elephant-growing places.

Dear Taja, happy elephant day and I wish you come to visit me again! Guest room is pink now so that elephants can’t hide in it. 😀 Cin cin and all well!

15 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Taja!

  1. Happy birthday to your friend.
    While I am not an elephant collector, I do gravitate toward them. They’re just so hopeful.


      1. Yes, I’ve been seeing doors for quite some time, but they have been incidental to my pursuit of shadows. Now I am chasing coastlines. Bloggers/artists/poets see things others miss/ignore!

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