Day 14: Follow your dreams

Today, a bit of anniversary and dream interpretation.  

A good-enough novel violently written now is better than a perfect novel meticulously written never.
—Elizabeth Gilbert (quotation reblogged from raynotbradbury)

That’s why I’m writing mine, on the inside, by living, for the fifth year. I arrived in Italy five years ago. It was different then but the key is that it still is.

On the day of my arrival, 2013.

The glasses are different, the phone is different, the dog is different (than on the photo above). There are many books on stand-by. Oh, and the wall is yellow. Feck feng shui.

To many more years, us.

And then father commented on FB: “But you’re the same, or not?”
And I replied: “Never! As a card-playing friend once told me after not seeing me in a while: You’re still the same, there is just more of you.”

And now to Challenge 14: “Today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things.”

Here is what these dream symbols (in bold) ought to mean should I have dreamed about them five years ago when I arrived, since it has all come true:

A storm in a teacup
means puddles of tea:
only the first year
you shall embrace
a novelty willingly.

Hammer is easy:
works shan’t run out.
If not home, then PC.
The man is heaven-sent,
beyond a doubt.

Seagull means sea food
shall prevail.
A Christmas feast
with has-been sea life
is yet to fail.

Ballet slipper:
this dream shall reveal
its depth yet.
I might take up dancing.
Bestia can just step.

A shark is a predator,
but you shall, you claim,
be a sheep dog.
A predator too,
with priorities straight.

A wobbly table:
In our house? Never.
You shall even change screws
for aesthetic reasons.
And for ever.

Dentist: well, yes, please.
It’s a thing to be done,
I’m well aware,
and I shall keep doing it
until no tooth is found.

Rowboat: Let’s row
our boat through life around.
The sea shall be angry
or joyfully calm.
There is no middle ground.

Happy writing!: Oh, no.
This is not another symbol
but the activists’ wish
for us, the participants.
Thank you for each challenge
and for doing this!


And now I’m off to celebrate with a nice home-made sea food dinner. Cin cin!

14 thoughts on “Day 14: Follow your dreams

    1. Oh Judy, really? 😮 I told him this and he looked relieved that there was somebody else like it around. 😀 “So happy” is relative and it fluctuates but basically yes. And there’s more of me. :p Hihihi.


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