Day seven + CFFC: Happy

Today, apart from including my daily April poem for NaPoWriMo, I also link to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on the subject of Happy.

But first Challenge 7: “Write out a list of all of your different layers of identity. … Now divide all of those things into lists of what makes you feel powerful and what makes you feel vulnerable. Now write a poem in which one of the identities from the first list contends or talks with an identity from the second list.”

Hm… getting mighty personal now, I see. Are you sure these are not for Google Analytics? 😀 On the other hand, it might save us the cost of the psychoanalyst.

But alright, what am I?

  • happy
  • woman
  • sister
  • daughter
  • niece
  • Slovenian in Italy
  • Ljubljana native
  • Capalbiese (i.e. inhabitant of Capalbio)
  • dog walker
  • bestia wrangler
  • lover not a fighter
  • writer of shopping lists in three languages
  • shamanja
  • blogger
  • amateur photographer
  • would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote
  • reluctant poet
  • film lover
  • e-reader (Meaning that I read stuff online instead of books. Books are waiting for the internet to die.)
  • lazy
  • “the most expensive translator in Slovenia” (comes from lazy – if I work, I charge)
  • “the best editor in Slovenia” (these two from Maja L., thanks)
  • atheist
  • socialist
  • non-shopper
  • door collector
  • swimmer & skier
  • introvert
  • INFP
  • bulldog (Taurus + dog in Chinese)

The second part of the challenge I refuse to do. I hate this sort of divisions, powerful vs. vulnerable. We are all both of these on a hourly basis. Besides, who has ever seen a vulnerable bulldog.

  • contrarian (I almost forgot).

I can poem about it though.

The vulnerable won’t help

Victims need not blame
swimmers cannot ski
the blind refuse to talk
the living are dead yet.

Happy are those who choose it
the strong are waiting to break
multitudes suck you in
the vulnerable won’t help.


And now 20 yesterday’s happy-making images from Lake Burano and our beach in southern Maremma in Tuscany for Cee because this is what I like to see and be most of all – happy.



37 thoughts on “Day seven + CFFC: Happy

    1. Hihih, SMSW, the last part of your comment made me burst into a giggle, twice. These poems are fun, I just let my words out without thinking. So much luck in deciphering, and if you come up with something, do share. 😉 And miss bulldog is not a bad thing to be called.

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  1. These photos are amazing. Each one warrants a blog posting all its own… especially that boat!!! What a beautiful place you live in. And, I learned a lot about you that I didn’t know before. Your list itself is a poem.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I do the same, as do most professional photographers, which I am not, by any stretch of the imagination. There is no such thing as too many photos and you do post with a discerning eye.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sherry! 🙂 If you look at my previous posts, you will see that more or less every post has a top photo that turn colour from black&white when you touch it with the mouse. I didn’t do that, the WordPress theme that I have, Edda, does it by itself. 🙂 I chose it for this reason, I love this effect.


  2. Such a list! Nice to meet you, poet-writer-editor Manja (non-shopper breaking my heart :))).
    I loved the light in the pictures, so warm and golden, it made me think and wonder when and where I have seen it last time. Feels like ages…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, Marina, was there no such golden light before the dusk in Rome? Saturday was rainy but Sunday was a bit better, no? And Monday too. I hope you see it again soon. And thanks, I’m glad you like my list. For a non-shopper I have many shopping lists in 3 languages haha (groceries only mostly).

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      1. Hm, I don’t remember much of that light. I remember getting into a real bad storm, hehe. And on Sunday we went to Florence to escape the rain in Rome, probably the worst idea ever as it was packed with people.
        I guess, you use enough energy on shopping lists in 3 languages that you don’t need more shopping 🙂 wait a sec, why 3? Italian, Slovenian and which more?

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  3. I smiled when I reached “would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote”, but then laughed at “contrarian” at the end 😆
    Create your own rules, my friend. I see you adhere to one of my life tenets – take what works and leave the rest 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Joanne, always. Not everything is for everybody. The line about writing has been in my profile on WordPress since I started my first blog four years ago. I don’t see anything changing any time soon. I know that a writer means different things to different people, but my definition involves a printed book. Thank you!

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