Day six: Line length

Challenge 6: “Write a poem that stretches your comfort zone with line breaks. That could be a poem with very long lines, or very short lines. Or a poem that blends the two.” 

on the beach finally after months, getting sleepy from still warm sand through my spring green coat which I’m wearing for the first time this year to go with my new phone cover taking a photo of them together like a proper instagram influencer after an elderly female dog didn’t let me pass even though bestia stayed at home getting my daily poem fix in a single sentence and single line because they told us to experiment with line length as if it weren’t clear that there could be only




line to go with the horizon above the sea which must be pretty much the biggest success creation-wise geometrically speaking but now I’ll stop writing this on my brand new writing app on my phone that I know no name of and only use because there is an elephant head in its logo but I love the way it talks to my laptop without my need to do anything since no matter how scary it is it’s also damn useful – at least something that listens to your thoughts and keeps them – but now I really must go because the wind from the right reminds me who’s the boss

I’m truly happy that today I wrote my first poem, on this device, on the beach. It’s liberating. I might go to other places now.


20 thoughts on “Day six: Line length

    1. Ohh, Joey, thank you for saying this last. As for you couldn’t do it, hm…. I’m pretty certain you could if you really wished. 🙂 For me it all just aligned and it’s giving me a nice kick in my behind.

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    1. No no, Judy, I see that it sounds like it, but I was still typing words in, even though I could barely see them on the screen. Line breaking is funny for me. The way I write, sometimes line breaks are the only thing that separate prose from poetry. I’m glad you love it. Thanks!


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