Thursday Doors, 22/3/18: Men’s Doors

After two Thursday Doors posts full of doors for women, with one more coming up next Thursday, here is one for men.

Only one, you’ll say, discrimination! But please, first, excuse this gender segregation the last few Thursdays, it was not planned. This is just my way of saying thank you to certain people. I could also divide you into right- and left-handers. I love both equally.

And second, after having spent more of my free time with men than with women ever since the basketball playing days, including living with two male bestias for the last five years, now I can see that women bloggers pull me in much more than men. I notice that women comment and reply to comments more often than men and are often more approachable.

Here are some men who do it well though. As the last time, you can find links to their blogs below the gallery.

(But these are not nearly all fine blogging men who I’ve been following forever or just started. I said it before and I say it again: I follow too many blogs. There are just so many great ones and I can’t mention all. Sorry!)

About half of the saluted men do not blog but have convinced me in other life-supporting ways. Here are your doors, with gratitude.

Here are the mentioned bloggers – some of them don’t post very often, be patient – with links to a favourite post:

Damn, now I see: I forgot a door for bestia! 😉

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

64 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 22/3/18: Men’s Doors

  1. Another wonderful collection. Thanks for the shout-out my friend.
    How in the world did you manage that unobstructed shot of the Florence door? I thought that place was wall-to-wall people 24/7.

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    1. Thanks, Norm. It’s a mystery! I was certain I didn’t have a photo of this door. If somebody asked me, I’d deny it. I have not posted it before. I found it by accident and don’t remember taking that shot at all. It must have been in a hurry without thinking. I’m glad to have saved it for a special occasion. 😉

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  2. Guess that door I missed by not going to Florence! Wow, how intricate and beautiful! (that was when we were in Lucca, recuperation and vacationing from all the workshops in painting I taught in Holland)
    Haha, I remember taking a photo in Beijing of hubby standing in front of a door where he looks like a giant! Maybe with the short doors they were trying to save on wood, lol.
    My guess the separations made between men and women can be a cultural thing. In my Dutch upbringing there is not as much of that than in the USA. That may be why I am frustrated with women’s groups, men’s groups, women’s day, etc. and purposefully refuse any participation in those kinds of events. With either gender, if you can’t say something where the other gender is there, it’s probably best, not to say it at all – is my opinion.

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  3. Just when I start to think you can’t possibly wow me any more than you already have, you casually toss out another bunch of photos of amazing doors and buildings. There are just too many that I love, love, love …
    … but in the end, I agree with Dan … the photo of San Galgano Abbey is my favourite. The lighting is gorgeous and the composition with the 2 people walking through the frame is perfect.

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. 🙂 This is the archive you get when you post regularly doors on Thursdays for some three years. I’m glad that you like the San Galgano not-really-door. That was a special visit. I hadn’t known this abbey was there before, we simply followed a sign from a nearby town.

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  4. What a lovely thing to wake up to. I’d like to visit some day. The background to the picture reminds me of Amboseli – you can just see Kilimanjaro in the distance 🙂

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    1. Ahh, Lexi, if you didn’t recognize it, he won’t either. :p I guess I’m still too mysterious. This is what I get for writing the first thought that pops into my head. Did you go back and try again? Didn’t that naked lady make you think? Hihih.

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        1. hey guys….I love the Florence Cathedral door, the one I have of it is in 35mm slide format in storage in Tombstone, AZ! I love my door, too, although it does seem a bit too sturdy. And I love the brick wall of that place. But I REALLY love the window…and I’m curious if she’s wearing thongs.

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        2. Hey, Badfish, excellent that you’ve come to the party. I believe she needs thongs because that floor is as sturdy and splintery as the door. Tombstone sounds the best place to store things, except if they are alive. One day you may let us see it. Be well!


        1. Ah, you missed it? 😮 Did you think that I link to you without dedicating you a door? I’m still too vague in my captions, I see. Anyway, now you saw it and that’s what matters. Di nulla!

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  5. I would indeed stop and photograph it!

    This door actually reminds me of a place I stayed in for the night on one of those cycling escapades. It was a tiny wooden hut with a zinc rooftop, and the window also reflected the setting sun. As I contemplated it, I realized I was it the middle of nowhere with no food, so I grudgingly got back in the bike and cycled to the closest hamlet, perched on top of a hill.

    The youngest can’t type, at least in a language I understand. He likes to bang on my computer keyboard though, so I often find mysterious messages in the middle of my texts.

    Thank you M^3 🙂

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  6. Haha looks like I’m late to the party as usual! These exams just never end… Thanks for the love Manja, your posts/comments always succeed in putting a smile on my face. Also I really like the woman in the window, waiting eagerly behind the curtain. Is that Siena in Italy or a different Siena I’m unaware of?

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    1. Hey, Eric, good that you’ve seen it. You may be late but not the last. That woman in the window is not the door meant for you though. 😉 Read the captions again, you might nail the correct one. But yes, she is from Siena, Italy. Over here we write it with one ‘n’. I’m glad to hear that I make you smile and that you work hard so that you can travel hard later. 🙂


      1. I’ll admit I was a bit groggy when I read this. I had just woken up haha. I did read through them and I know exactly which one is for me.

        P.S. I promise you know me well enough given your decision to include short shorts in the picture!

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  7. Hi MMM,

    Well…thanks for the mention on your fine blog post concerning Men’s Doors. My only complaint is I didn’t see a backdoor photo. Everyone knows many men prefer the backdoor. Sometimes the backdoor is the best way to arrive and leave. There is a lot of mystery to a backdoor. Have you ever heard the question, “Do you have a backdoor?” There is often a tone of urgency when the question is asked and it is usually a man who is asking. Often he is asking a woman. Otherwise, great post. Thanks. Don Duque

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    1. Ahhhhh, Duke I talk to you about resurrecting dogs, and you talk back to me about back doors. Italians have discovered everything concerning back doors already. I can only add: “I’m a back door man, men don’t know, little girls understand.” Or to put it even more bluntly: “I’m from the land down under. Women know, and men wonder.”

      “Often he is asking a woman.” Yeah. It figures. Hihi.

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  8. 😃😍😍😍👍🏼 …wow, that is so great 😁 😘 …. …..thank you so much. What a wonderful soul you are!!! You make me happy.
    And thanks for this wonderful and fine words 🙏🙏🙏 ….and thanks for loving right-hander as well! You know, I never make segregations… …but I love names with the initial letters from M-Z… …they are great 👍🏼… …and this selection includes you! Cool, huh?!!!
    “….and I love A-L
    ….as well”
    (because it rhymes 😁)

    sorry, Manja, I was offline the last days. ….and I guess the is a problem with my WP Mail adresse… …better try that one:

    Have a wonderful day
    cheers, Markus

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    1. Hehe, you’re welcome, Markus. I like your division, it makes much more sense than any other. I think it’s great to be an M, because we’re always in the middle. 🙂 Thanks for the address and be well!


      1. Manja, my mom will agree with you, because the moms of our handball team were chosen to wash the used jerseys of the team in alphabetically order. Thanks god there were so many guys which last name start with A, B or K… …in the middle of the season there was always this confusion who’s next… we started with A again. 😀 😀
        …but, guess for how many times it was my turn to keep the cup we won at home for a week… …right! 😦 …for exactly the same reason!!! 😀 😀

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