WPC: I’d rather be writing

I’m usually not prone to thoughts like this. If I’d rather be doing something else, I’m doing it already. Here are some people who have second thoughts.

It is still true that I don’t take many people photos. I collected most of these for the WPC: Face in the Crowd challenge but there were too many and eventually I settled on posting only people from the streets of Siena.

Today let me equip some innocent people elsewhere with a wishful thinking thought bubble.

As you can see – photography is nice and all, but it’s lazy-making. Actually, I’d rather be writing.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: I’d Rather Be…

50 thoughts on “WPC: I’d rather be writing

  1. I’d rather be reclined in a pillow of daisies. I’d rather be making love. I’d rather be eating ice cream. I’d rather be doing this comment that I’m doing than almost anything else. (see above list, lol)

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  2. But you write all the time…glorious captions to glorious shots. Oh, my, you always make me laugh out loud – no one else really does…Love you my dear!

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  3. I really enjoyed the creativity of the photos joined with the “I rather”s. I had so many favorites with this one, it is hard to choose, but the “I’d rather you weren’t taking this photo” had me laugh out loud.

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  4. Love the captions – very witty! And I really like that swing sculpture (third photo from last). I get too embarrassed to photograph people in the street. Tried to learn from a colleague in a photography course who’d cheerfully go up to people and say ‘could you stand over here please? And put your foot there. And turn a bit to the left…’ but could never manage it. You manage to get very dynamic moments.

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