Happy birthday, dear Nicky!

For my friend’s birthday, memories of Croatian island Krk where she hosted us three years ago. 

Today celebrates my friend who I know since birth. Our parents were good friends and we had no choice but to go through early life together.

Especially good times were spent in Duba, a little village on the Croatian peninsula Pelješac, not far from Dubrovnik, where we returned every year.

Last year on this day I posted many photos from there in what became the most viewed post of the year after I shared it in the Facebook group dedicated to Duba. I remember the world map lighting up like Christmas tree that day. It makes sense, because people who love Duba and grew up there live all over the world now. I wish to invite all new people to view the post here.

But then she went and found herself another place where she returns every summer, also in Croatia but a bit closer. The island is called Krk, it’s in the northern Adriatic and the camp Škrila is by the road towards Stara Baška.

Three years ago she invited us there for a few days, it was just after a strong wind that cleared the atmosphere, the sea was perfect and it was magical.

Thank you for that, Nika, and always welcome to our (just temporary snowy) Tuscany where you haven’t been yet! Happy birthday!

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