WPC: My sweet addiction

A greedy, gluttonous, goloso post. 

I couldn’t even limit it to twenty photos. It’s stronger than me, sugar is.

Here is a revealing post from my first blog. I used to write quite a bit of those. Note the date, almost four years ago. Let’s just say that all the sweet things that followed – some of which you can see in the photos – have made me even more authorised to write a post that ends “I’m fat as a fuck-you”.

As I was assembling these luscious photos, I was thinking about how I can’t say no. The line of thought grew progressively similar to that one from ten years ago when I stopped smoking. As an owner of an addictive personality I knew exactly what happens next. The lid blows over.

And so this morning, as I put just a tiny bit of sugar in my coffee (I trust sweeteners even less), I made a mental note to crush the sugar rush, unroot the sweet tooth, put the crave to the grave, at least for a while, at least by quitting the products that make me ingest much more sugar and corn syrup and who knows what all else than I’d ever need, such as cereals, yogurts and juices.

I could see myself grow angrier and angrier, thinking about how another industry has made me an addict. And how many more there are. Addicts and industries, and it’s all for the money.

Dark chocolate will never grow old though. As for gelato… hmmmmm gelato…  Let’s start here. More info in the captions.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Sweet

28 thoughts on “WPC: My sweet addiction

  1. This is just not right…to see a post like this in the evening:) I don’t know what I want more…strudel or tiramisu.
    If I’ll eat both – I have to sit on the buckwheat diet for 3 days 😂😂

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  2. OMG, so much sugar :))) Manja, you beat them all! I tried not to look closely on your photos (sorry!), otherwise I would go racing through my cupboards in the search of some chocolate :))

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    1. Bahhah, Mex, am I a tease or what? 😀 But the fact is that as I was compiling these photos, something snapped in me and now I can’t see any sugar since! No chocolate, biscuits or any dessert. I’m only drinking the open juice in the fridge so that it doesn’t go bad and I’m hating it because it’s too sweet. And I’m eating wholegrain oat flakes au naturel for breakfast instead of sugared cereals. I feel better just for that, or so I believe. 🙂

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      1. Now we have a lifehack: if you want to quit sugar, make as big compilation of sweet photos as possible 😆😆 Looks like it had a positive effect on you 😉
        I am gone looking for the sugar photos of my own 😆

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    1. Thank you, Deborah. Oh yes, I have a wee bit of everything you mentioned daily too. A glass of wine with the meal and some dark chocolate. I’ll really do my best to eliminate processed food though. I feel it’s time.

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  3. That tiramisu…!!!!!
    Good decision to treat it like an addiction – I’m doing the same over here! 🙂 We’ll get over it, I’m sure! (Just don’t show me any more Nutella pictures!!! That is my favorite thing….!!! I can eat a whole jar in one go -and feel sick after.)
    I don’t use sweeteners – either sugar or nothing. Luckily I never liked sugar in my coffee or tea.
    So if Ljubim te means I love you, what does Ljubljana mean? Something lovely? ❤

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    1. Thanks, SMSW. Amore’s tiramisu is the winner. Heheh, what you say is exactly the reason why I don’t keep Nutella at home. Even back in Yugoslavia we had locally made Eurocrem which was just as good if not better. I’ve been drinking sweet coffee and tea all my life. I’ll see what I can do… Good question about Ljubljana. I had no idea where the name comes from (no direct connection with love and loving) so I had a quick search. There are three hypotheses: from Ur-Slav water deity Laburus, from Latin word for a flooding river = aluviana; or from German word for tepid stream, Laubach (in German Ljubljana is Laibach, in Italian Lubiana).

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  4. Your father’s cobbler or pie or whatever is right up my alley! And I still want to try that cake with the figs — Gah, that looks righteously good!
    At least once a month, I’d fight you for that pretty cranberry chocolate and dive into the chocolate gelato.
    Corn syrup is evil and I, too, am a recovering addict-slash-victim.

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    1. Oh yes, Joey, once a month I’ll remember to break all my rules, and I’ve got two pieces of my latest Dark Orchard cake frozen just for this occasion. Just earlier I came from the shop with my new regime in mind and I loved it! It’s so cooool to simply ignore all the sugar shelves – and there are so many. I can see there are two kinds of shoppers: the eco-bio-wholegrain kind and all the rest. And they barely mix.

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