All my kisses

First a little kiss to all Americans. Why? Read till the end.

No, it’s not because they have given us St. Valentine’s Day which I didn’t have growing up. Even though I hate commercialism behind this type of holidays, love is always an excellent cause for celebration.

Today I wish to return to the Tarot Garden, Il giardino dei tarocchi, the sculpture garden by Niki de Saint Phalle in my neighbourhood in southern Tuscany.

Last year I also posted photos from here on this day, with emphasis on Niki’s hearts. Today the emphasis is on people.

With this garden she managed to transform her traumatic experiences and mixed emotions into pure love. It’s in the air here and this must be why I love going back so much. Have a look at the gallery and say it isn’t so. (Alas, she also got very sick on the lungs working with toxic materials. What you love will kill you.)

And yet when I was 14, we did celebrate February 14th – as the day when Yugoslavia got its (first, one and only) medal at our own Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984. I wrote a story about it almost four years ago in one of my first blog posts with the title What were you doing 30 years ago?

I was so talkative in the beginning of my blogging, eager to write, not lazy at all. I miss this. And I see that quite a few bloggers walk the same path: from chatty, telling and personal to more and more photos and less and less words.

As it is, the post in question has only two comments – from my father and sister, and one like – from Snow Melts Somewhere. (*three big kisses to all three*)

So why am I kissing Americans then?

This year I barely notice that there are any games going on, but I did catch this news that concerns Americans: Slovenia just beat you. In ice-hockey. 3:2. At the Olympic Games. Saywhaaat? Happy St. Valentine’s! (*three little kisses*)

But no matter how grateful I am to all my readers and influencees (hihi), the truth is that I’m saving all my kisses for amore who is coming home right now and has no idea what is in the fridge…

(He is home and we have already had a piece of my hand-made no-bake what-would-be Black Forest cake, except that I replaced sour cherries – which I couldn’t find in the shop – with apricots, and apricot jam with sour cherry jam. For realz. So I guess I have made a Black Orchard. And it’s yum!)

17 thoughts on “All my kisses

  1. Kisses to you too 🙂 I still like that blog post. Can’t double-like it though! I’m not such a fan of watching sports but hubby is. Wonder what I was doing 30 years ago…? Quick calculations: I must’ve been adjusting to snow. Not much has changed!
    How lucky your amore is that you baked for him! Over here, Valentine’s is simply called “Friend’s Day”. Finns don’t show their feelings as openly so I guess being friends is enough 😀 hahah.
    Btw, I did the opposite of you, only just now started posting more personal posts, of my thoughts and daily life. But more and more photo posts to come!
    Enjoy your Thursday!

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    1. Yeah! Thanks, SMSW, always good to hear from you. Some things never change, happy adjusting! 😀 As I was reading this old post again just now, I was making faces at it and shivering. Things I tell in passing! 😮 I’m glad you’ve changed things around. Well, happy Friend’s Day sounds good too, and I wish you one!

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  2. Thanks for the love. I’m not upset by the hockey loss. I have never liked it when we’ve assembled a team from the professional league. The Olympics are more fun when every country gets a piece of the action.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. Frankly, I was surprised to see Team Slovenia there at all, I’m fully out of the loop. But I here that there are no NHL members in the American team (nor Anže Kopitar playing for Slovenia). Anyway, Russia will beat all our asses. 😀

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  3. Your Dad and He-Man could be related! There’s a likeness. 🙂

    I think our chattiness or not must come in phases. I’ve not been too chatty the last year. Perhaps the year of the Dog will have our tongues wagging again. “)

    Loved this garden, and that selfie x2 of you in the glass.

    Gung hei fat choi!! xx

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    1. Hihih, thanks for the Friday night giggle, Deborah. While many people said that my ex and my father looked alike, nobody has said this for my amore yet. 😀 Do you base this on this post alone? Amore is only on one photo, with the dog. Gung hei fat choi I had to Google but I guessed correctly. Same to you! I know that we are both Taurus chicks but I don’t know if we are also both dogs in Chinese because that make us bulldogs. 😀 And thank you!

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      1. Oh, no I’ve seen the resemblance between your Dad and my He-Man a few times. It’s gotta be the white hair, and Eastern European genes. 🙂

        Your Amore is pretty unique, but his doppleganger is out there somewhere. 🙂

        LOL! No, I was born under the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rooster. My year was last year. What the heck does that make me? You know what I’m thinking don’t you? LOL! We’ll keep your comments good rating in tact and not write it.
        Were you born in the year of the Dog?

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        1. Hihihi, getting better and better! Now both amore and I are laughing, thanks for that! Yes, I read it wrong, even though I know that you call your amore He-Man. Which Eastern European, if I my ask? My father’s father was Serbian. And yes, I was born in May 1970, a proper bull dog girl. 😉 Cheers from across the pond and have a great weekend!

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        2. He-Man’s Father, and that side of the family are Polish. On his Mother’s side they’re Croatian, and Polish. He-Man is more like his Mother’s side of the family in body, and looks.

          I’m old enough to be your Mom!
          So happy I make you both giggle tonight. xx

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