Thursday Doors, 8/2/18: Monteverde, Rome

All photos in this post were taken this winter in the space of a few streets in Rome’s Monteverde district, the ones with the bluest sky this weekend.

True, it was cold, most of the time it was raining, but still, I had no excuse not go Roming a bit further into the city. But I didn’t go, either to Eately in Ostiense – quite close – where there was a chocolate festival with free tastings, or to any of the museums that are free every first Sunday in the month. And now I feel the quilt (=guilt) of a lost opportunity.

Ah well, I better exhale and let it out. That’s how it is if you return monthly and you know that there will be other weekends, warmer, drier, more right.

Truth be told, no matter how often I roam the same streets and nooks walking the dog, for almost five years now, I still find new doors, some even quite exceptional, such as the ones in the last three photos.

Yes, they were taken this weekend too, and I’ve never seen these doors before. Oh, wrong – I saw the one with the circle once but it was dark, I didn’t have my camera and I forgot where it was exactly. I knew it would resurface sooner or later, and now it has.

No matter how my initial idea was to post just these two doors today, I found a bunch of other unposted ones (photos, that it, a door or two you might have seen already), and then I added some balconies, and a car reflection, and here are the usual 20 photos again, or so. Blimey.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

35 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 8/2/18: Monteverde, Rome

  1. Ahhh, Mr. Sun – THAT’s where you are, in Rome! At least that day. That last door is indeed quite something; I’m not sure I have it totally figured out. Are those colors a reflection or a glass color?

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    1. Oh, Lexi, your guess is as good as mine. I didn’t stay and observe, since I have a kind of fear of being busted and forced to explain. 😀 To me it seems a combination of both. The light hit the pretty glass just so. Italians – they get that. And yes, we’ve got the sun again, right now. I’ll ask it to share. 🙂

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  2. But wait! Tell us more of this chocolate festival of which you speak 😛
    Some great shots in this set. I really like the ceramic tiles that make up the address marker for #20.

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    1. Thank you, Jesh. I said once already that what I do is merely follow the light. Here in Italy this is so easy to do. That stained glass is a mystery though. I need to pass again and see if it’s still like that.


      1. True, sadly in California, especially in the more populated area, many choose to have doors that are straight without glass or other embellishment, in order not to attract burglars.

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  3. Ah, Monteverde. Memories! A New Year of many years ago, roaming on scooters, us in fleeces and hoodies and the Romans all huddled up in puffer jackets and hats… I wonder how our door looked like, can’t remember now.

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  4. That last photo – both the colour version and the b&w is amazing. I love the shadows and the lighting. I’m not normally a fan of b&w, but in this case, it’s the winner of the two!
    Have you recently changed your camera? I’ve noticed your photos have a new clarity to them. I like!

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    1. Oh! Really, Joanne, despite all colours your prefer the b&w? My WordPress theme does that by itself! I love it for this reason. My featured photo is always showed in b&w automatically until you tap it. My camera is still the same, the only thing different is Windows 10 and its new Photo Gallery. 😀 I usually choose automatic photo enhancement because it’s faster and I’m lazy. If it’s too much difference, I do it manually. But I don’t like to intensify colours, this is all Italy’s doing. I’m glad you like it!


      1. I did figure out that I could scroll between the colour and b&w image. They’re both wonderful, but that lighting which attracted me is so dramatic in the b&w.
        Wow – I’m impressed with the auto photo enhancement feature of Win10. I’m “almost” sad I abandoned Windows!

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  5. Oh dear me, such good choices this week! How do you manage? Love the rainbow effect, and #20 and the round doors, well two arcs make a circle doors 🙂

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