WPC: Love and beloved

This is what I wish for all of you: love and be loved, and this is how it’s done over here.

No matter how much I love my sister and parents (and uncles and other relatives and all my friends) and they love me back, they are far now and I mostly deal with love from and for my immediate pack. That is to say, my two be(a)sties. Let’s have a look.

Oh, and the reason why the little bestia is featured above rather than the big one is not because I’d love him more – he is just easier to photograph running naked in the grass. 😀

Here is a story from the early days of our pack when I realised that I’m a bestia too.

And naturally I love ours the most, but here is another kind of love story that warms my heart. You marry your best friend for whom you’d go till the end of the world. And then you go. Together. Lillian the Hope Poet tells what happiness is.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Beloved

29 thoughts on “WPC: Love and beloved

  1. heart-warming..the pictures and the story from the early days as well :))
    maybe you are all double-shining there because it is warm there ,aaaaaa and here we r covered in the snow hahaha, in the north Sweden was -38C yesterday lol

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    1. Hehe, Matthias, nothing if not personal. I don’t believe that oversharing is a thing. We are all different, that’s good about blogging. But if you’re tempted, do it! 🙂

      And, compared to most humans, being a bestia might be a good thing indeed.


    1. Thank you, Leya! 🙂 We only got our first dog when I was almost 30, before we only had birds and fish. I did live without a dog or a man for a while. That was free living. 😀 But it’s only good if it’s short.


  2. Thanks for the laugh-out-loud moment from your comment “he is just easier to photograph running naked in the grass”. 😀

    That’s a wonderful photo at the end of you with your ‘pack’ 💕

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    1. Hihih, Joanne, that cracks me up too every time. I love the last photo too even though it’s not a very good one and it looks like some bad photoshopping was at work. My friend just snapped it this way and I’m glad he did.

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