Thursday Doors, 25/1/18: Orvieto

A view back to Orvieto in June in the excellent company of my three American friends.

Orvieto in Umbria, as amazing as it is, is for some reason not on everybody’s Italian radar. But those who come are far from sorry. Here I got together with the happy Italy-hopping Americans, one of which is Liz from Fetching the World who posted her doors from this day here.

The Orvieto Cathedral is a story of its own and I showed you its doors already on my previous blog, today just a reminder. I still need to see it from the inside.

The rest of the town, which is quite big to be perched on the hill like that, is charming and full of little surprises. They will wait for the next time, today some of its doors.

I had an extra hard time aligning the lines this time, so they are all over the place, but as I like to say – one day all levels will be level and boredom shall prevail.

Also I notice that I don’t wish to crop an image to make it more “correct” because I wish to show you also an ornament that would otherwise need to go, that window or this light fixture.

Also also, it was hot, in case you didn’t guess. I see that I don’t operate well in heat, and just click in autopilot and hope for the best.

Which, if you think about it, sums up life pretty well.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

53 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 25/1/18: Orvieto

  1. I’m just beginning to think about a trip to Italy this spring, and Orvieto is on my list of possible spots to visit. Good timing! (Italy is overwhelming! So much to see and do and figure out – I may have to ask you some questions once I get moving on this.)

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  2. Amazing collection! Love your attitude about photography – some things need to be shown “as is”, while others need a little help. That last one is truly the Mother of all Doors!

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  3. Your door selection is always a visual treat and this week is no exception. I keep going back to the feature photo with the blue doors. To me there is an ominous vampires-live-here kind of look to them … maybe because of the shadows and the half open door. This is a photo looking for a story 🙂

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  4. I don’t operate well in hot weather either, but your photos turned out fine! I’m glad you didn’t crop them. The “extras” around the doors add context and character. For example, I found the “im-posing” door less intimidating because of the bouquet next to it. Made it seem more like a gentle giant. Then I noticed a few of the other doors have a bouquet too. Is it a common thing there? Does it signify something?

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    1. Thank you, Pistachios, for a detailed viewing. Indeed, the bouquets must be traditional from a long time ago. Italians are so good in making everything more stylish. A gentle giant is a lovely nickname for that door. 🙂

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  5. Orvieto – and Umbria at large – are indeed strangely amiss from the ‘grand tour’ of Italy, with the exception of Bible-thumpers for Assisi… One has to wonder why.

    Loved the second-to-last door, the one with the mirrors!

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    1. Thanks, Fabrizio. I’ll never forget the first time I went to Orvieto to pick a friend at the station. It was a last minute decision, I texted him to get off the train there instead of proceeding another hour or so to Rome. He texted me back: “I’m already in Orviano.” Hahha. And when I reached the town to pick him up, the sun was just about to set and it was amazing, like another world. Which Italy might as well be. Truth be told, I expected something like Udine. 🙂

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  6. Sigh…so much beauty 🙂
    You captured some amazing shots. I really love the reflection of the Duomo door in the glass of the door across from it.
    Thanks for the wonderful tour!

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    1. Thanks, Norm. I’m glad you comment got here safely. Although the rest of the photos are first timers, the last two have already been featured on Thursday Doors. But I thought to repeat them due to their nature. Always welcome!

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  7. OMG what a treasure trove of doors that Orvieto has on offer! And such diversity. You must have had a blast capturing them. And it looks like a good time was had by Bestia, Liz and her friends as well! Always a treat to meet a fellow blogger. Hope we get to meet one day!

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    1. Oh, Lisa, I’d love that so very much. And we’ve got the sea for you too. 🙂 It’s strange though, not many boats pass our beach… Obviously it’s not a corridor. But we have two ports close: Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. Thank you!

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  8. Imposing, classic, and timeless are my picks this week, but of course it’s hard, because they’re all freakin amazing doors!
    It DOES look hot! I should hope there’s room under the geraniums for me! lol 🙂

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