Gëzuar, Matic!

Uncle, hoping that I didn’t write something awkward in the title – the internet also lies – I wish you a happy beerday and another adventurous year ahead.

This year we didn’t see each other much because you were too busy strolling around the world to visit me more than once. You went to beautiful Galicia and Andalucia as well as Scotland from where you returned with the question which beer I thought was the best beer you drank in Scotland. I didn’t guess. The answer? Nastro Azzurro. Italian. Just don’t tell this to the Scottish.

In the summer, when we visited Slovenia, we had a nice lunch in Krka south of Ljubljana after we visited the source of the Krka river. It was hot. Then you took me and bestia with your car back to Tuscany. It was September but still so hot that we I weren’t willing to play tourists.

You understood this and went swimming on our beach daily instead, and then returned to watch the basketball championship with me. I’m proud that I was not wrong when I told you already after game 1 that this time no fear was necessary because Slovenia had game for real. No wonder they ended up the champions of Europe.

Here are some glimpses of our together times. You are sporting your beer shirts again. The title of this post is (or should be) cheers in Albanian since you were in Kosovo too and yep, have got the shirt to prove it.

But the real present is coming with the email. Here is a hint:

If this is not funny to you, don’t worry, I needed about a day to get it. Have a look. 😀

The email is full of jokes like this which I know you love as much as I do. Here’s one more:

And now this is the ant, my only friend, the ant.

Matic, happy birthday and cin cin, na zdravje, yamas, gëzuar,  فى صحتك:, salut, skål, kippis, zum wohl, На здравје, noroc, živeli, Şerefe, Կէնաձդ. You don’t speak all these languages but knowing you it’s just a matter of time.

6 thoughts on “Gëzuar, Matic!

  1. Happy Beer-year maybe … oh, the photos are peaceful and beautiful as always. So white outside here, but so green and sunny on your page!
    Btw, the tea looks very inviting (on the page)! Let me bring my cup..

    Liked by 1 person

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