Thursday Doors, 18/1/18: Piran

We are going back to Piran where every door is a memory.

Before we cut into the middle of this jewel on the Slovenian coast, a quick detour by way of Bosnia. My poet friend writes from Jajce where historical things happened for Yugoslavia. Jajce means egg in Slovenian, so it always sounded funny to me. But now that he found me there, this might change.

If I’m not mistaken, they manufacture and sell sweets. But of course.

Thank you, Aleš!

Since we are on the topic of Yugoslavia, there is the 2018 European Men’s Handball Championship going on in Zagreb, Croatia. Instead of one Yugoslav team, as it was in the past, we have 5 republics, now sovereign states, that compete individually (only Bosnia and Herzegovina is missing this time). There are Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and (FLRjhlj=doesn’t mean a thing but I suppose I must add some letters here lest the Greek get upset) Macedonia.

All rather uninteresting, financially speaking, but there to play and win with their hearts. Imagine that.

And there there is Germany, the current European champion. “Protected by referees” has reached new levels. Nothing against Germans as such, but plenty against the dominance of capital.

I guess the 2017 Euro Basketball Championships finals, Slovenia vs. Serbia, which Slovenia won, really did not please the moguls. And now they are making sure that it doesn’t happen again.

But it’s everywhere, the rule of capital. Just look at the NBA. When you visit an NBA team website (at least Miami Heat’s), you have to search for anything useful, like results, with a torch. There are only TICKETS and MERCHANDISE.

I’d say fuck that shit but I’m keeping my calm till the championship is over. Slovenia might still win it. Or at least Macedonia. Fight the money power!

And now to cool down, a stroll through Piran, past the doors which I pass regularly in the summer whenever I visit. Some of them you may have seen yet in my last three years of blogging, but I can’t help it: they draw my stare and a click follows.

Today a selection of single doors with something extra. Click on a photo to read the caption.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 18/1/18: Piran

  1. You made me smile with all the ‘extras’ and point assignments 🙂

    The door that I found the most intriguing was about the 9th one in. It appears that a door too large for the entranceway has been installed, giving the effect that the stone wall is slowing trying to swallow the door 😳

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  2. It’s funny how popular handball is in Europe and yet so totally unknown in North America. Even during the Olympics it’s hard to find any coverage here. Too bad because it is such a beautiful game.
    As for your doors: outstanding as usual. #25 and #4 (dark brown with teal blue grille over the glass) are my faves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, you’ve got plenty of games that are totally unknown here. It is a beautiful but also highly physical game with too lax rules that referees can twist any way they wish.

      I’m glad you like my doors, thanks. I did a bit of colour arrangement there. 🙂

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      1. My high school taught us how to play European Handball (in Australia), and it was lots of fun, but I definitely agree it’s a highly physical game!

        Excellent doors as always! The green one with the grapes would be perfect if it had a more “old” style handle (i.e. not clean steel) but I suppose it has to be functional too…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks, Pistachios. I didn’t notice that handle but I agree, anything else would be better almost. Strangely, we never played handball in school, only basketball in primary school and volleyball in high school. I prefer the former a LOT.

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