A lovely day

January 16th is such a day by definition. First let’s croon.

In this post I have everything for everybody and some things specifically for some people.

First, today celebrate a couple of dear friends who I don’t see nearly enough and always try to lure on a visit. This post is another move in this direction. Look! You were both born for this!

Then there is a Renault 4 and some cowboy boots especially for Jean Reinhardt and her memories of that car.

And finally, there is a crane for Dan at No Facilities and his love for all things craney.

All this brought to you courtesy of our regular grocery shopping this Saturday. Location: Orbetello lagoon, 15 minutes from home, exactly where that nutria was posing for me recently.

I don’t know what you are waiting, M+M. I truly hope we will have some good times together over here soon.

We are the same generation and I always find you so brave for opening the year in which all born in 1970 will sooner or later land the same age as you are now. And this is much closer to 50 than we have ever been. 😀

Have an excellent birthday and cin cin!

To refresh our memory, here are three celebratory posts from my two former blogs, posted on this day:

25 thoughts on “A lovely day

  1. Very nice photos! I like the cozy couple.

    It’s good amore knows you so well. And, I like your persistence in getting the crane the way you wanted. I liked all three views, but the last is very good! Thanks!

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      1. We’re back in the 20s (f) and we’re expecting a bunch of snow, but it’s winter, you can’t live in New England and complain about the cold and the snow (unless it gets freaky).

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  2. Fifteen minutes from my home lies King’s Road, Hammersmith, which in Trump English can be defined as a “shithole”. You got Orbetello. Where did I go wrong?
    Those Grosseto sunsets are heartbreaking, they don’t get as dramatic over here!

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    1. Hammersmith Odeon is now called Eventim Apollo, I see. 😉 Well, there is still more than plenty of space around here, even with all the flamingos. Sunsets here are so frequently so wicked that it takes a special shade of dark purple to lure me out to watch it. Street art is probably more exciting where you are, though. You know how it’s here: “Ti ano.” and “Gabriele non muore mai”.

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  3. I probably sound so repetitive, but you have the most amazing light in your photos. I know you have a head start, especially in Piran and Tuscany, but still … you get lots of credit for capturing it.

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    1. Thank you, Lexi. You can repeat that from time to time, good to hear! 🙂 I think I follow the light, or better am not stirred into taking photos unless there is light. Even though I had fun also on a completely dead light day, that time when there were floods and fog. The head start is most certainly glorious.

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  4. I love the photo of the boots and car, Manja. Not only did I have the same type of car but I had a pair of cowboy boots almost exactly like those and we had a dog pretty similar to the one in the photo.

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  5. All of the photos are wonderful and I love to discover that three of you are as close to 50 as I am. 1970 did produce some exceptional people 😉 Hugs and happy birthday in a few months. I looove it that your amore asked if you needed to take a photo. That is perfect.

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