Happy birthday, happy people

Happy birthday, unknown lady who approached us exactly one year ago in Ljubljana, Slovenia, my birth town, asking us if we could hold up a letter printed on a sheet of paper so that she could take a photo of us, and all letters together in other photos taken that day would spell Happy Birthday.

I don’t remember either your name or your partner’s, but I know that you are from London and he is Italian and immediately started chatting in Italian with my amore. I know for certain that it was your birthday but now that I’m thinking about it it might have been of you both. That would make sense.

I love it that you, who were both so happy, saw the mirror of your happiness in us. I love it that you made amore grin like this.

Hopefully you found your way to Lolita sweetshop just down that road. If you haven’t, here is a little sweet treat.

Hopefully you are right now in another city, still as happy, doing that very same thing – collecting good wishes and spreading happiness.

Hopefully – even though I don’t know how – you will one day find your way to this post, and we will see ourselves in your photo as we were that day.

20 thoughts on “Happy birthday, happy people

    1. Oh, Happy New Year to you too, Francesca. Good to see you around. Yes, this is my regular blog now. First I thought it would be my writing blog but I only posted 7 times in 7 months. But it’s not the first post this year either. Have a look at the bestia in the previous post. 😀

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    1. See, Badfish, that’s where we are similar. And I only know maybe two people like that: no matter how little hope there is to find it, if you don’t try it you won’t. Thank you for the smile of recognition. Let’s have a positive year.

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