Here we are, in 2018 and on my next blog.

To warm us up, five photos from yesterday and five from today. Clicking on a photo will open a gallery and display the captions in full.

This has been the calmest New Year’s Eve since I can remember. I wouldn’t mind if it continues this way.

If you have the first working day tomorrow after a while too as amore does, peace with you. Friday will come sooner than usually.

Welcome to my next blog and feel yourselves at home.

28 thoughts on “Next!

      1. Government workers get Martin Luther King Day (Jan 15) and Presidents Day (mid-Feb) and some get Good Friday. Commercial business get New Year’s Day and Memorial Day (last Monday in May). I’ve never worked anywhere (in 40 years) that got a day off in between Jan and May.

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        1. In Slovenia, instead, all stay-at-home:

          January 1 and 2
          February 8: Slovenia Day of Culture
          April 27: Resistance Day against Occupiers
          May 1 and 2: Labour Day

          Plus Easter Sunday and Monday, all closed.

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        2. Resistance Day sounds a bit like our 4th of July (independence Day).

          We have Labor Day (only one day) but not until September.

          I wish we actually included January 2nd in the New Year holiday – that makes so much sense. We won’t see that until 2020 when New Years falls on a Thursday.

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  1. Oh – a new one? Or an old one going new? I am on! Soon my blog is full as well. I will have to find a new one. Or finish blogging.
    Hope this 2018 will be a better year for the world and us all!

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    1. Thank you, Leya. I’ve had it for 7 months but only posted 7 writings. Now I’m turning it into my regular blog since that one is full. I’m sure it will be a better year and I sure hope you don’t stop. Enjoy!

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  2. This post is cheerful 😀
    I don’t think we get many days off for a long, long time. I wonder. I think I’ll peek into the schedule the next few months. Courts may be closed, mail may not run, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be open anyway.

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  3. Hey did you switch themes? Kidding. I’ve been away from blogsville awhile, I’m back now, I think. Missed you soooooo much. Hope 2018 brings you luck and love and peace. Hey, do you make your photos smaller when you load them to your blog? If not, they’ll eat more space.

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    1. Ah, Badfish back in action! Excellent, your absence was sorely noted. And you found my next blog! Good to see. I wish you a top-notch year with regular programming. As for my new year’s resolution, it remains the same as it’s ever been: 1280×1024. 😉

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