Bad smell

You know when you order clothes online and they don’t really fit but you can’t be bothered to send them back?

“Niko sent us,” he said, the boy I busted climbing over the fence to our garden. He showed me the map of the neighbourhood with at least four houses crossed out.

“These are the people who have ordered clothes online recently from Niko. He sends articles too small on purpose and then we are sent to bring them back. I earn 5.000 for each. Not bad.”

I wonder now how I made him stop and talk before he’d run away, and how he could hear me at all.

I was dead, you see. And so were my family and my dog.

I drove us into an abyss with my car by mistake on a rainy night. We were falling a long time. I don’t remember the crash but there must have been one since we didn’t have a parachute.

And then we all found ourselves in our garden. It was clear that nobody had been there for quite some time.

No wonder those boys thought the house was an easy target.

There was a dog, I mean another dog, a living one. He came to the garden and was sniffing right next to where I could see my dog standing. He couldn’t and seemed confused. Then he rolled on the ground as if there was a bad smell.

We were a bad smell.

We couldn’t smell each other though. To each other we seemed perfectly alive. Sometimes we talked about it, but more often we didn’t. It’s not that there was any doubt.

We wondered when they would come to sell the house.

That boy though, he could see and hear me.

Not only tight new clothes, I might have some bad news for him too.

All this I dreamed last night just before midnight, immediately upon closing my eyes. I woke up and stared around in disbelief.

I didn’t dare to move, and then I did and the dog jumped off the bed.

I tried to fix the details into my memory so that I’d be able to write this down now. “Niko”. The other dog rolling on the ground. The way we didn’t look into each other’s eyes and just kept going about our business.

The film cliché of thinking you are alive while being dead is only a cliché until it happens. Because when it does, all doubt is gone.

13 thoughts on “Bad smell

    1. Ohh, Claudia, this is just the encouragement I need. I often get so discouraged, in the sense of “why write it down, I’m blown away by it already, whether I write it down or not, and it’s not guaranteed anybody else will be as well. So it’s actually work in vain.” What you say and how you say makes me think that it’s worth it. Even though in this case there wasn’t anything more. All my family is accounted for. All is good. 🙂 New sleep soon again. Thank you very very much. If I’m in doubt, I shall think of you.


      1. You have made me feel I matter. Needed that today. Thank you. And better dreams. I’ll tell you the plot of a recent one: I could not find my purse. Yes. An entire night searching. Not noteworthy, though taxing. I found much to think about in the glimpse you gave me. I hope for more writing from you and on any subject.

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  1. I like this sorta ethereal tale, as dreams are. I dream vividly, and am amazed at the emotional impact of them, and how long some of them stay with us. This tale demonstrates the details, the weird poetic, not quite connected feeling. So personal. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. You’ve been busy today. How’s the white dog? You’ve set the record over on Tin Hats. Are you stuck in bed with a twisted ankle? Ha. Congratulations! Duke

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    1. Hey, Duke. Bestia greets you too. Congratulations to me? To you, for your book baby! Not sick in any way, on the contrary, sane as feck. And I haven’t even finished yet with the Hats.


    1. Hihih, don’t worry, Joanne, I only posted 7 posts on here in 7 months. I was hoping another blog would make me write but alas, laziness prevailed. Anyway, now it shall become my primary blog, not just writing but photos too. You found it just in time. 🙂

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