Two snakes

Last week I saw more snakes than in all four years before.

Three: first the couple and then one more, closer to home.

Dark, almost black they were.


From my spot on the station that I occupy daily

give or take

I notice them frolic in the tall grass in the sun

between the rails and the first house.

I gaze at them for five minutes, forgetting to breathe.

I am without the dog and without the camera.


Naked, so to speak.


Instead of memorizing patterns of their skin

in order to pin them down later on Wiki

I admire their non-me-ne-frega-niente stance.

They are obviously happy to see each other

each whirling around its mate.

I look around but there is nobody to witness my discovery.


Time passes and I wonder if they are waiting for you too.


Then the train is heard closer.

End of tranquillity and they know it.

Yet they don’t bother to hurry

just lift their heads a bit and dance on slowly

towards the edge of the grass

to where the path leads from the station

to where I pass twice daily

with the dog.


Train comes, people go off.

Before anybody can reach the path

the snakes cross it speedily

and hide in the thick greenery of the garden hedge opposite.

I can see them wiggle.

The first person doesn’t and passes right by them unaware.


I almost scream for her to stop.


Then I remember the dog.

The one that lives in the house behind that hedge.

He is a friend

ever since I pushed his head back in when it got stuck in the fence.

He was too happy to see us and his head was still growing.

Surely he will not be happy to see the snakes, and vice versa.


Then you appear and you see from my wild eyes

something is up.

I just point.

They are still wiggling in the setting sun.


“Aha,” you say. “And you’re without your camera.”


So I say to you all:

forget about dancing like nobody is watching.

Do it like these snakes

if you are about to make love:


proudly, loudly, or not at all.

At another time: this is where they passed.

14 thoughts on “Two snakes

    1. Thank you for coming over, D. 🙂 They are indeed mesmerising, especially their movement was at that moment, synchronised and playful. Considering the world we live in, I’d call it reckless and aloof, as if nobody was after them. I like that. As for “little animals”, nahhh, not buying it. 🙂 Ladybugs are little.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You are my best writer/reader. You give me hope that there are still people who read, think, see, write, take time with snakes and such; someone who will place the head of a dog back inside the fence, a woman who worries about a snake, forgetting where you are, focused on only what you are doing, there in the light, unattached to what is wrong with the world. Maybe I can lend you my keys and you can take my car for a drive and sell it over the border and send me an email that you are spending the money on a nice vacation in Venice. I would like that. I would like to think my car went to something worthwhile. But then I don’t have a car. I got rid of it a long time ago, so you would have to take the car that I used to have and not the one that I don’t have. In that sense, there is more money in the past than the present. Anyway, MMM I guess I need to tell you that I am MMM also and I write my initials in a very up and down sort of way. My corrupt accountants sometimes took advantage of that and signed off on purchases that went directly into their pockets, but in the end it didn’t matter, not a bit. They got drunk or feed their kids or bought something for their houses, maybe a girlfriend, who knows. Okay, thanks for all of your kindness and the way you are making your way through the world. It is a good thing, at least from my point of view. Duke

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy and grateful that you travelled over here to read about my snakes, but I guess you hope no other reader of yours follows, or you wouldn’t call me “your best”. 😉 To meet a fellow MMM is highly exhilarating, even though you’d lend me your keys and send me to Venice (Why? There is water there, I’d need a boat! Besides, Italy is long and varied.) Thank you for recognising my unattachment to the wrongness of this world. As far as lifestyle compliments go, there is none higher. As for the song, yes, you can borrow my lungs, just not for smoking. 😉 Always welcome!


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